Reenactment of the Battle of Pound Gap

Dedicated August 14, 2005


In Letcher County Kentucky next to the State Line on Highway 23.


Stone Tablets with Ancestors
See a Pictorial History Below
Chronolgical Journal Entries
Poem - Brothers Once More
August 2005 Agenda


Names of Ancestors
honored by their Descendents
that are to be engraved in stone at Pound Gap

     Stone #1

Pvt. Hiram Malicoat
Pvt. Lewis Back
Pvt. Francis Barker
Pvt. William C. Back
Capt. Hiram Stamper
Pvt. George Chaney
Pvt. Edward F. Arthur
Sgt. Oliver G. Halcomb
Capt. Anderson Hays
William H. Johnson
George W. Isaacs
Pvt. John Q. Bentley
Marshall Benton Taylor
Pvt. James Gaddis
Pvt. William Fossitt
2nd Lt. Adolphus Gaddis
Pvt. Cornelius Wagoner
Pvt. Ed. Jowers
Pvt. Frederick Fleming
Sgt. John B. Cornett
Pvt. Lockard Hamilton
Capt. "Devil" Joe Adkins
Pvt. Valentine C. Estep
1st Sgt. Preston Caudill
     Stone #2

5th Caleb Johnson
Pvt. William Isbell
Pvt. William Cantrell
Capt. Andrew F. Senter
Pvt. John Wesley Childers
Pvt. Henry Hall
Sgt. Winwright Adkins
Gen. Robert E. Lee
Lt. Gen. Richard Taylor
Pvt. Russell Cornett
William Henry Roberts
Pvt. Francis Clemons
Pvt. David Back
2nd Lt. Hiram Pratt
Col. Andrew Jackson
Pvt. John Potter Morgan
Pvt. Eli Hensley
Pvt. Russell "Hacker" Combs
4th Sgt. Benjamin Hall
Pvt. Richard Richardson
Sgt. John S. Sparkman
Pvt. William "Buck" Engle
Pvt. Wiley Miller
Pvt. Joseph E. Cornett
     Stone #3

1st Lt. John Jackson Fleming
Phillip J. Fleming
Robert Jeff Fleming
Isaac Fleming
2nd Lt. Isaac Fleming
Pvt. Benjamin Adams
Pvt. Isham Gibson
Sgt. Felix Senter
Pvt. John C. Campbell
Pvt. Elijah Combs
Pvt. Nicholas Combs
Pvt. Kenderick Combs
Aaron Anderson
Pvt. Johnson Whitaker
Pvt. Ambrose Mullins
Pvt. Henderson Whisman
Pvt. James W. Brown
Pvt. Archelous C. Webb
Col. Benjamin E. Caudill
Lt. Col. David J. Caudill
Lt. Samuel C. Caudill
Pvt. Stephen J. Caudill
Pvt. William A. Caudill
Sgt. John Dixon Caudill
     Stone #4

Cpl. Issac D. Dixon
Pvt. Samuel A. Cornett
James Lewis
Edward C. Strong
Pvt. George A. Combs
2nd Cpl. William B. Caudill
Lt. Col. Jesse Caudill
William Smith
M.D.L. Fleming
Pvt. William A. Holcomb
Pvt. Elijah Messer
Pvt. Louis Napoleon Winbush
2nd Lt. Abner Caudill, Jr.
Ambrose Jones
Pvt. Zachariah Fugate Jr.
Pvt. Gabriel Ritchie
Pvt. Benjamin Emmons
Pvt. Abraham Ritchie
Pvt. Andrew Showen
Pvt. William B. Norton
Capt. Robert E. Claytor
Pvt. Alfred Amburgey
Pvt. Levi York
Lt. Simon Bulivar
     Stone #5

Pvt. Joseph Spears
2nd Lt. William G. Claytor
Joseph Edgar Scott
Pvt. William Montgomery
Pvt. James "Stiff Jim" Hall
Pvt. Franklin Clemons
John H. Jones
Moses Adair
Capt. Robert Bates
Capt. Martin Van Buren Bates
Pvt. Uriah Bates
Pvt. James Bates
Pvt. Henderson Bates
Pvt. Jesse Bates
1st Lt. Aaron Rice Bentley
Pvt. Benjamin Everidge
Pvt. Henry P. Collins
Pvt. Benjamin Brown
Lt. Jonathan Richmond
Pvt. John Boggs
Pvt. William B. Richmond
Pvt. Jesse Marlin Brown
Pvt. Ransom T. Holbrook
2nd Lt. Isaac Fleming
     Back Stone #5

Sgt. James Richardson
Pvt. John "Devil John" Wesley Wright
Rueben R. Smith
1st Cpl. John J. Godsey
Lt. Gen. Thomas Jackson Stonewall
Captain Enoch Webb
John Gilliam
Pvt. Harrison Hall, Sr
Pvt. William Riley Hall Jr
Sgt. Thomas M. Stephens Sr
Col Logan HN Salyer
1st Sgt Samuel Samuel
Pvt. M E C Willis
2nd Sgt Larkin Willis
Sgt. Henry D. Combs
Pvt. William R. Hall Jr
Harrison Hall
Sgt. Thomas M. Stephens

The Brothers Once More monument is located in a small park with a beautiful overlook. The park features a gazebo with information, veteran stones, and the monument with flags of the Union and Confederate Armies.

The Pound Gap Historical Marker is entitled "Brothers Once More" and is dedicated to ALL Letcher Countians, as well as other Americans, who suffered and sacrificed during the years of 1861 to 1865 and for many years beyond as well.

The front side (facing North) has pictures of the two presidents, Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis, who served during the War Between the States. Both men were born in Kentucky. It also contains the Union and Confederate regiments that most Letcher Countians served in as well as the ones that fought on Letcher County soil. The center of the front side portrays two brothers, one Union and one Confederate, shaking hands.

The back side (facing South) contains a map of Kentucky showing the location of Letcher County, Pound Gap, both State Capitols (Frankfort, USA and Bowling Green, CSA) and the birthplace of both presidents. (Fairview and Hodgenville). Also on the back are pictures of General James Garfield, USA and General John Hunt Morgan, CSA.

General Garfield was the youngest Union general of the war and gained fame for his success at the Battle of Pound Gap. He was also the second President of the United States to be assassinated.

General Morgan was known as the "Thunderbolt of the Confederacy". His exploits and daring raids made him famous throughout both the Union and the Confederacy. He was murdered in the fall of 1864 at Greenville, Tennessee.

The center of the back side contains a poem entitled "Brothers Once More" that was inspired by a local legend pertaining to the battle for the Gap.

Control of Pound Gap was of vital importance, as it was one of the few navigable passes through Pine Mountain. Confederate troops maintained large camps on both the KY and V A sides of the pass, and numerous skirmishes were fought for control of the Gap. On March 16, approximately 800 Union troops under future U.S. President James A. Garfield, marching through a deep winter snow, used "squirrel trails" to outflank and surprise the 500 or more Confederates under Major John Thompson. After a deadly battle, the Confederates retreated and their camps were destroyed. Pound Gap exchanged hands numerous times during the Civil War, and was used as a transit/ supply route by General Stephen Burbridge, General John Hunt Morgan, and many others. Most of the remaining fortifications and breastworks were destroyed during the widening of HWY 23 through the Gap, although a few still remain.

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pound_gap1_5thKY.jpg pound_gap1_advance.jpg pound_gap1_advance2.jpg pound_gap1_artillery.jpg
pound_gap1_camp.jpg pound_gap1_Chaltas_field.jpg pound_gap1_commanders_parlee.jpg pound_gap1_defending_the_gap.jpg
pound_gap1_flagboy.jpg pound_gap1_ladies.jpg pound_gap1_ladies_aid.jpg pound_gap1_lee.jpg
pound_gap1_maneuver.jpg pound_gap1_online.jpg pound_gap1_sergeantmajor.jpg pound_gap1_skirmish.jpg

pound_gap2_AtlasHall.jpg pound_gap2_Chaltas_speaking.jpg pound_gap2_DWright.jpg pound_gap2_knownbuttoGod.jpg
pound_gap2_load.jpg pound_gap2_momento_for_capsel.jpg pound_gap2_Parsons_Chaltas.jpg pound_gap2_Parsons_Smith.jpg
pound_gap2_Smith_Chaltas.jpg pound_gap2_TBack.jpg pound_gap2_TBack_Parsons.jpg pound_gap2_twilight_poem.jpg
pound_gap2_twlight_dedication.jpg Wes Caudill Danny and Dale Wright, Models for the Monument

pound_gap3_Chaltas_Parsons.jpg pound_gap3_crowd1.jpg pound_gap3_ladies.jpg pound_gap3_lady_shaw.jpg
pound_gap3_national_anthem.jpg pound_gap3_procession.jpg pound_gap3_uncover.jpg pound_gap3_viewfromKy.jpg
Procession veteran_tablet1 Color Guard Led by Mark Carroll

Dedication Day
dated most recent first

December 23, 2005-The third monument was placed on the Virginia/Kentucky border (route 23-Country Music Highway) today by the crew of Appalachian Monument. The 42" by 72" monument has engraved the names of those men that died while serving the 13th Kentucky, those inscriptions purchased by descendents of the soldiers and a brief description of Colonel Caudill's Army with a colored flag upon the stone. The monument is being visited by several people per week and by summer it should be listed on the Civil War Tourism tour guide. Again our thanks to the Letcher County Fiscal Court, Community Trust Bank and Whitaker Bank for their insight in assisting with this worthy project.

November 29, 2005-It is with great pride that I submit the following communiqué: One of the monuments on phase II of our Pound Gap Monument has been set. It contains the names of those that died during the war from the 13th and also those names purchased by the descendents of their ancestors.

November 28, 2005-Adjutant Brown and Commander Chaltas assisted the boys from Appalachia Monument to set the base for the marker containing the names of those that died in battle as well as those paying tribute to their ancestors by purchasing a 'stone' engraving. The wind was too sharp to set the stones but they will be set by Friday. The monument project is still going strong and we hope to have added another one with the names of our ancestors listed (paid by their decedents) by Christmas. Also congratulations to Richard and David for putting up the new flags. Commander Chaltas donated a Bonnie Blue and placed it on Friday

November 20, 2005 - It is with pride that the Commander of the Ben Caudill Camp announces the receipt of two checks from Whitaker Bank and Community Trust for the amount of $800 each. They go directly to Appalachian Monument Company applied to phase II of the monument. The monument should be on site prior to December 1, 2005. On behalf of our people and the memory of our ancestors, we most heartedly salute your contributions.

October 23, 2005-Richard Brown and Glenn Brown mowed the grass at the monument and cleaned the area of trash. Thanks men! The county has been contacted.

August 23, 2005-A group of men once again ascended the Gap to replace the rope on the flagpoles with coated cables. Each flag was carefully taken down and new cables were installed. David Lucas scurried up the ladder with the skills of a gray squirrel and ran the cable through the pulley of the 25' pole. Bob Balthis was just as limber as he replaced a line on a 20' pole. Three new flags replaced the older looking ones. The grass was cut around the monument and the portion leading to the Known But to God marker. Those working on the project were Glenn Brown, Richard Brown, David Brown, Kenny Cantrell, David Lucas, Bob Balthis, Ross Fleming and the Old General.

Dedication Day

August 14, 2005-A dedication of grand proportions was held at the latest historical marker in the state of Kentucky. Several hundred people came out to be a part of the once in a life time dedicating of the 'Brothers Once More' 8' high by 10' long monument. Three mortars fired from the cliffs above signaling the opening of the dedication. The Jenkins High School band played the national anthem followed by My Old Kentucky Home as performed by Susan Houston, Lan Shubert, and Lana Paige Johnson." The welcome was given by Lt. Commander Back and Commander Chaltas introduced the dignitaries, inclusive of the County Judge Smith, Senator Johnny Ray Turner, Jenkins City Council, UDC Division President of the UDC, Division Commander Dr. Hiter of the SCV along with the Lt. Commander Rector, union and confederate reenacters, and others present to honor their heritage and ancestors. Several states were represented including Tennessee, North Carolina, Kentucky, Virginia, Georgia, Ohio, Indiana, and South Carolina. The military salute was grand as Colonel Parsons of the 37th led a 3 volley salute with cannon fire (led by Colonel Adkins of Louisa) with taps played by a Virginian. Parson James Smith closed in the benediction. To date Commander Chaltas has received over 100 messages complimenting all that participated in the grand unveiling of the monument.

August 13, 2005-A reenactment was held at Jenkins celebrating the Battles of Pound Gap. A large crowd attended and watched the boys in blue and gray recreate the June 2, 1864 Morgan's Raid back into Kentucky. The cannons resounded through the mountains as history came alive and the crowd stepped back in time. The event was a complete success. At 8:30 a Twilight Dedication to the marker entitled Known But to God was offered. It was very moving as the reenacters and crowd walked through a candle light path to reach the gravesite. After prayer the dedication reached its zenith with the planting of a time capsule with objects representing the significance of the War Between the States era. Several men and women broke down and cried as they told of their object and shared the names of loved ones as each shovel of dirt covered the capsule. The blue aura of the evening enhanced the senses as one generation paid tribute to another and our ancestors walked upon the land for a brief interlude with a sense of satisfaction in a job well done.

August 11, 2005-Jeff Sexton, Pete Quillen and Doug Stamper braved the heat to continue mowing around the hill of the monument. They also picked up trash in the area. Danny Taylor secured the porta potties from East Ky. Rentals. Commander Chaltas had 2 loads of wood hauled to the Gateway Industrial Site for the living history and reenactment campfires. Water containers from LKLP were secured by Ross Fleming. Commander Chaltas will have the containers from LCCHS for the ice.

August 10, 2005-Richard Brown, David Brown and Glenn Brown obtained the rails and completed the split rail fencing at the Gateway Battle site. They also bush hogged and cleared the area of rocks..

August 9, 2005-Danny Wright, Sandy Wright, Dale Wright, Cindy Wright, Tabby Back, John Back, Debbie Back, Wayne Watts, Ross Fleming, Dave Chaltas, Katie and Brook met on the mountain to practice the agenda and finalizing what needed to be completed for the battle and dedication. Richard Smith and Commander Chaltas went up to the site and placed the map in one of the 4 gazebo information squares. The Letcher County Work Release Program was mowing around the monument.

August 3, 2005-Adjutant Brown, Bob Balthis and Commander Chaltas unfurled the flags against the Virginia wind. The flags snapped briskly in the air saluting the endeavors of the camp. Click here to view the flags.

August 1, 2005-Camp Commander David Chaltas met the man bringing the gazebo to the monument. It was placed close to the inside railing. Click here to view the gazebo.

July 30, 2005-General Lee attended the Clark County Fair to support Lt. Commander Rucker's living history. Also present was General John Hunt Morgan demonstrating his riding and shooting skills.

July 28, 2005-Disregarding the heavy rain and fog on the mountain, men from the Caudill Camp rallied at the monument. The split rail fence was placed to the side and front of the monument. The grass was cut on top of the point and weed eating was done around the cement platform. Rocks were tossed off the hill and debris was picked up around the area. Those participating were David Brown, Richard Brown, Glenn Brown, Richard Smith, David Chaltas, Danny Wright, Sandy Wright and daughters Katie and Brook. David And Glenn took the rail carrier back to Lowes. John P. Back came by but was working and had to return to the office. Tabby Back was at the site earlier and was interviewed by channel 57 regarding the monument and plans. A good day for the Caudill Camp and several people have stopped by with nothing but praise for the project. Well done men and women.

July 27, 2005-BREAKING NEWS!! The flagpoles are now upon the mountain guarding the Pound Gap Monument! The boys from Appalachian Monument along with Adjutant Richard Brown and Commander Dave Chaltas placed the 5 flagpoles in the ground this morning. They were assembled and then taken to their perspective location for placement. They also placed the second bench on site facing the front of the monument. The marker entitled, "Known But To God' was erected approximately 200' from the monument facing south. The split rail fence will be placed on the mountain this Thursday around 5:00. We encourage all to come out and assist.

July 24, 2005-David Brown took his truck and trailer to Lowes and purchased the split rail fence that will be placed in front of the monument for approximately 200'. His father Glenn Brown and brother Adjutant Richard Brown assisted. By taking their truck and picking up the material themselves, they saved the camp $60.00. Well done men! A working is being planned to accomplish the objective of placing the split rail fence once the flagpoles are set.

July 23, 2005-Adjutant Richard Brown, David Brown of the 5th Kentucky, their father Glenn Brown, Corporal Danny Wright and Corporal Dale Wright braved the 100 degree weather to finish digging the last foot through rock for the flagpoles. They poured over 15 bags of cement and secured the 36" piping that will anchor the flagpoles. They also removed the dirt and smoothed down a couple of the mounds surrounding the monument. More rocks were tossed off the site. The goal is to have the flagpoles set by the weekend. Excellent job band of brothers!

July 18, 2005-Camp Commander Chaltas presented a status report to the Jenkins City Council. They were very complimentary towards the camp's endeavors. Click here to view report. Document

July 17, 2005-Adjutant Richard Brown and his father Glenn Brown finished mowing the grass at the monument site with a lawnmower. Most of the rocks were also tossed off the hill and a push mower has easy access to the hill.

July 16, 2005-Commander Chaltas began mowing around the monument grounds and finished painting the rails a 'cannon gray'.

July 1, 2005-The Appalchian Monument Company placed one of the 4' benches at the historical monument. Its Georgia gray granite texture compliments the monument and offers a respite for the weary traveler as he/she reads the inscriptions on the stone. It has posted on its side the following words: "Letcher Co. Fiscal Court" and "Jenkins City Council" on the other. The other bench is on order and it will have "Ben Caudill Camp #1629" and "Appalachian Monument Company" engraved on the other side.

June 25, 2005-Richard Brown, Glen Brown, Quentin Childers and Kenny Cantrell braved the heat of the day to put up the rail fence next to the bank at the monument. The men placed 80' of railing along the edge of the bank and removed brush that obstructed the view of the mountain on the Kentucky side. The location is unique in that when you look eastward you are looking at the beautiful mountain vistas of Virginia and when you face a westerly direction you gaze into the valleys of Kentucky. The location of the monument is between two state lines (on the Kentucky side) and the world renowned Pound Gap fault can be seen in the background.

June 24, 2005 - Commander Chaltas reports "Ladies and Gentlemen attached are the latest development regarding our monument....We are installing another 80' section of fence by the bank and pray to have a 3 layer fence in front of the monument by Aug. 14. Five flagpoles will form a semicircle around the monument facing highway 23. If ANYONE knows where we can purchase a cement cannon to go on the corner of the point please forward the information ASAP. Thank you for your support and do plan to come to our dedication on Aug. 14 at 2:00. Details are on the website.

June 23, 2005-Monument update! Richard Brown, David Brown and Dave Chaltas braved the heat to mow the point with a lawmower, dig post holes and fill in holes left from previous work. Richard and David have completed the holes and the 80' section of the rail fence will be in place by next week. The flagpoles have been ordered and should be on site by the deadline

June 14, 2005-Acting in the interest of the Ben Caudill Camp, Commander Chaltas met with the Cumberland Mountain Arts and Crafts Council (on site of the future amphitheater located on Hidden Drive in Jenkins, Ky.) to discuss the possible use of the area for the skirmish on August 13, 2005. The committee was very receptive and offered usage of the site with the stipulations that porta potties would be on the grounds, a clean up of all debris would be held and that no trees or underbrush be damaged. Commander Chaltas will present this at the camp meeting and the Camp Events Committee will be requested to look over the location as well as Fish Pond Lake for possible camping.

June 13, 2005-BREAKING NEWS! The base of the monument was placed on the cement foundation this day! Thanks to Richard and David Brown's unselfish work on Saturday the site was accessible by the Appalachian Monument truck with the wench to place the 12' base in alignment with the platform. The etching of the flags begin tomorrow and the monument should be in place by the projected date of June 17, 2005! Ross Fleming and Commander Chaltas attended the Letcher County Fiscal Court meeting and appraised them of the latest development. Commander Chaltas also presented the latest requests for flagpoles, lighting, benches and other needed items to complete the project.

June 9, 2005-The Pound Gap Monument is nearing completion! The wings have been cut and cleaned and only the front of the larger monument is to be sandblasted. The projected date of setting the base is Monday and the monument should be on site by Friday! Click here for the latest pictures. June 7, 2005-BREAKING NEWS! The 2 wings of the monument have been etched (both front and back) and are ready to be placed on the mountain as soon as the larger stone is finished. For a preview of the wings click here.

May 27, 2005-BREAKING NEWS!!!-Commander Chaltas met with the Appalachian Monument Company and reviewed the stencils that are ready to be etched in stone. The date of the etching begins on June 1, 2005 and the goal is to have the Memorial Monument set by June 7, 2005. On Tuesday, May 31, 2005 at 4:30 the committee will review the spelling and lettering of all items to be etched. After the final approval work will begin immediately.

March 30, 2005-A meeting to finalize the wording and pictures for the historical monument that will be placed on the Kentucky/Virginia border (route 23, Pound Gap) was held at the Appalachian Monument Company. Those in attendance were Rokie Frazier, Richard G. Brown, Jon Pearl Back, Danny Taylor, David Chaltas and Steve Richardson. The committee reviewed the letter size along with the picture to ensure maximum usage of the monument. The tentative dedication date for the marker has been set for Sunday, August 14, 2005. Efforts will be made to have a skirmish on Saturday at the amphitheater with camping on and around the old Fincastle (Trace/Sounding Gap) Trail. On Sunday, period church services are being planned and then a march up to the monument for the dedication followed by another skirmish. The meeting was adjourned.

March 24, 2005-The Ben Caudill Executive Council met to discuss rewording/shortening of the information that will be placed on the Historical Monument at Pound Gap. Those in attendance were Adjutant Richard Brown, Lt. Commander John Pearl Back, Commander Chaltas with East Kentucky Brigade Lt. Commander Danny Taylor communicating via telephone. Matthew Chandler and Ross Fleming were camp representatives in attendance. Richard Smith's revision suggestions were duly noted and accepted with the possible deletion of a few words. Plans to submit finished written descriptors to be placed on the monument to Appalachian by April 1, 2005 was discussed and accepted. Another item discussed was the possible skirmish to be held the day of the dedication of the monument at Pound Gap. The Jenkins Festival Committee has requested that we offer a reenactment. Exploration as to being able to have a 2 day event is being considered. Also discussed was the upcoming dedication of highway 119 by the Governor of Kentucky and Senator Hal Rogers. The Caudill Camp has been asked to form an honor guard and to secure cannons for the event. A letter was sent to the Division requesting men in gray.

March 10, 2005-Breaking NEWS!! Commander Chaltas was contacted by Attorneys Bolling & Tackett via mail stating that the encroachment permit has been signed for the Historical Marker. Commander Chaltas had been in communication with Gene Layne's (Permit Engineer) office the previous week and written verification was sent on March 4, 2005. Notice was given that we have until July 1, 2005 to have the work completed on the project for final inspection. by the Kentucky State Department of Transportation.

March 3, 2005-Adjutant Richard Brown created a drawing of the concrete pad that the Pound Gap Historical Marker will be placed on. The sketch will be turned over to Jenkins City Council Lawyer Calvin Tackett to comply with a request from his office. The sketch details the plan view and how the marker the direction it would be sitting on the pad. It is to the scale of 1' =10"

March 3, 2005-Lt. Commander Johnny Pearl Back met with Ms. Sara George of the Kentucky State Highway Department regarding the request that the Sons be the Honor Guard for the Pine Mountain Celebration on Friday, April 22, 2005, 11:00 A.M.. He also discussed the possibility of having a couple of cannons to fire a volley, a 21 gun salute by the honor guard, and ending with a rendition of My Old Kentucky Home. Governor Fletcher, Hal Rogers and other dignitaries are scheduled to be presenting in the event.

March 1, 2005-Former East Kentucky Brigade Lt. Commander Richard Smith represented the interests of the Camp in a presentation to the Whitesburg Rotary Club. Commander Chaltas introduced him after mentioning the progress of the Pound Gap Monument and tied in the War Between the States with cowboy shoot competition. The Rotarians were pleased and very complimentary to Richard's presentation. He was invited back.

February 23, 2005-Adjutant Richard Brown, Commander Chaltas met with Rokie Frazier to look at the granite stones that came inf for the Pound Gap Monument. After the meeting, both men went to revisit the proposed site and measured to see if the truck would be able to get through the railings. A detailed descriptor of the monument is listed below... Compatriots! We have just received the beautiful Georgia gray granite for the monument on top of Pound Gap. The concrete has been poured for the foundation and we are just awaiting the easement with the plan view to be approved by the Kentucky Department of Transportation. We are meeting to finalize what will be etched on the stone. It will have a picture of 2 soldiers (one blue, one gray) shaking hands and will be entitled, "Brothers once more" Above that picture will be 2 period flags crossed. A picture of Davis will be on one wing and a picture of Lincoln will be on the other. The regiments that fought upon the mountain will be listed. Also a poem that I have written will be placed on it. The back will have a Kentucky map with a brief descriptor of the events and each wing will have John H. Morgan and James Garfield listed. We will be placing a wall that will have the names of those that have purchased them engraved in granite. It will be upright to help preserved the etchings. We also plan to have flagpoles around it and have already placed rails around the Octagon shaped concrete foundation. The monument will stand 8' 8" tall at the apex, descending to 6' and will be approximately 9+ ft in length. As soon as we get the etching completed I will take a picture and place it on all sites. We also envision benches around the side and a trail down to the Welcome Center that is in the planning. The site is grand. When you look to the east, you see the mountains of Virginia, when you look to the west, you see Kentucky. The stone will be symbolically set in a North South position. This is exciting and I shall keep you abreast as to our status. Let us thank a wondrous God for allowing us this opportunity in honoring our ancestors. I Remain Your Obedient Servant, The Old General

February 22, 2005-Rokie Frazier sent word that the stone for the monument has been delivered. It is 8' tall and 12 long with 2 wings. Notified all involved.

February 21, 2005-a contingency of rebels braved the rain and wind to converse on top of Pound Gap Mountain (on the Virginia/Kentucky border) with the mission of assaulting the debris left behind by the enemy. After two hours of arduous work the group had gathered 81 bags of trash and over 60 pounds of metal, including a truck bumper. Those that participated were Adjutant Richard Brown, David Brown, Okie Blair, Tim Blair, Richard Smith, Roger Hall, Wayne Whitaker, Raymond Isaac, Tabby Back, Rosetta Back, Jeremy Jones, and Commander David Chaltas. A hardy rebel yell goes out to these men and women that sacrificed their time to assist in cleaning the sacred mountain where our ancestors fought and died. Photo

February 15, 2005-Adjutant Richard Brown submitted the Plan View for the Pound Mountain Monument honoring our ancestors that fought during the War Between the States. It was taken to the Jenkins City Council Lawyer for submission to the State Department of Transportation for approval.

February 7, 2005-Ross Fleming and Commander Chaltas represented the interests of the camp at the Jenkins City Council meeting. Commander Chaltas presented an update on the memorial and the steps needing to be taken in order to get an easement and encroachment approved via the Kentucky Department of Transportation. The Council's lawyer (Mr. Tackett) requested that we get a plain view sketch of the proposed site to turn in with the other necessary paperwork. Our thanks go out to Adjutant Brown and his brothers stating that they would assist in drawing up the document.