Year 2005


December 31, 2005 – Journal Closed. Happy New Year. Mark Carroll, Webmaster,

December 23, 2005-The third monument was placed on the Virginia/Kentucky border (route 23-Country Music Highway) today by the crew of Appalachian Monument. The 42″ by 72″ monument has engraved the names of those men that died while serving the 13th Kentucky, those inscriptions purchased by descendents of the soldiers and a brief description of Colonel Caudill’s Army with a colored flag upon the stone. The monument is being visited by several people per week and by summer it should be listed on the Civil War Tourism tour guide. Again our thanks to the Letcher County Fiscal Court, Community Trust Bank and Whitaker Bank for their insight in assisting with this worthy project. (Pictures here)

December 17, 2005-Representing the Ben Caudill Camp #1629, East Kentucky Chaplain John P. Back and Kentucky Division Chaplain David Chaltas attended the funeral of Sergeant Major Luther Gaddis in Corbin, Kentucky. The service paid tribute to Luther’s many accomplishment and sung praises of his life. He was a SCV member of the Arthur Camp, the 2nd Lt. Commander of the Arthur Camp, Provost for 5th Kentucky-Company D, reenactor, retired educator, volunteer fireman, Mason and a true friend to all. Chaplain Chaltas offered his reflections of Luther regarding him being General Lee’s adjutant and how he would shield him during the reenactments. He shared the poem, One of the Boys Has Fallen, and gave a copy to Ms. Betty, Luther’s wife. A Masonic funeral ritual was offered and the gravesite services were conducted by the SCV. Over 30 members of the Southern Guard paid the highest honors to one of their own.

December 14, 2005 – Faron Sparkman, Carlos Brock, Mark Carroll, and Stephen Bowling met at the Turner Cemetery in Booneville, Owsley County, to place a stone for 3rd Sergeant Ezekiel M. Rose of Company K, 13th Cavalry. Sergeant Rose is buried in an older section of the cemetery and rests along side his parents, wife, and son.

December 12, 2005-Ross Fleming presented to the Letcher County Fiscal Court a thank you from the Caudill Camp for their support and brought up the Pound Gap Monument Phase II which consists of placing the other 2 monuments on the mountain, rail fence, flag markers and the exploration of expanding the parking beside the access road.

December 10, 2005-The Ben Caudill Camp was represented in the Fleming-Neon Parade as the banners swayed with the rhythm of the wind through the streets. Kenny Cantrell, Quentin Childers, Raymond Isaac, Travis, Joshua, David A. Lucas and son David Lucas marched behind the Caudill Banner as they fired down main street to honor those witnessing the parade. The highlight of the march was the firing of Ken’s ‘ole reliable’ and the legendary double barrel shotgun of Raymond Isaac. Another great public relations project by the Boys following the Caudill Banner. Well done men.

December 10, 2005-Faron Sparkman reports updated numbers for stone settings: New Numbers: 776 – total set, 740 – 13th KY. Cav. burial sites known, 536 – 13th KY. Cav. soldiers marked Floyd County – 68 , Morgan County – 85 , Perry County – 89, Pike County – 11, Powell County – 2, Wolfe County – 18

December 10, 2005-East Kentucky Lt. Commander Taylor, Commander Chaltas, Lt. Commander Back, and Pvt. Crawford and Ms. Amy represented the Caudill Camp at the annual Southern Guard Christmas Dinner. The schedule was developed and John P. Back presented in the interest of the Leatherwood Committee regarding the reenactment slated for the 4th weekend in October. General Lee shared Reflections of Christmas as he told of the 4 letters written by himself during the Christmas of 1861-1865 and read the letter from General Lee and Santa Clause. Approximately eighty people attended the dinner. The highlight of the evening was when Santa came and gave out presents to several children that the 37th Virginia Infantry had purchased for their Christmas.

December 8, 2005-Our own General Robert E. Lee and Mrs. Lee (portrayed by our own Libby Smith-International SASS Champion) offered a presentation/reading to the Letcher Elementary students during the school’s evening of spotlighting Christmas Literature. Approximately 50 people listened to the reading of General Lee and Santa Clause that was written in 1867. We thank Ms. Libby for inviting us to be a part of such a wonderful event.

December 8, 2005-Faron Sparkman, Mark Carroll, and Robert Ransom “Bob” Adams of Zachariah placed a stone for his grandfather, Pvt James “Wildcat Jim” Rogers, Co C, 5th Kentucky in the cemetery at Nada beside the old primitive Baptist Church.

December 6, 2005: Harold McKinney of Morgan County assisted Faron Sparkman today in setting three Confederate markers for members of the Oney family despite very cold temperatures: James Oney (5th KY), Richard K. Oney (5th & 10th KY) and William P. Oney (13th KY) at the Oney Cemetery off Rt. 460 at White Oak in Morgan County.

December 4, 2005-General Robert E. Lee, General Nathan Bedford Forrest, General Stonewall Jackson, and General Longstreet along with the boys of the 43rd and 26th Tennessee offered a Living History at the Bleak House in Knoxville, Tennessee. Several different SCV camps were represented and offered their expertise to the Living History. The officers and men worked with the ladies of the Knoxville UDC and gave presentations in rooms where General Longstreet had actually had held officer calls and planned strategies during the Knoxville Siege. The crowd was delighted and the UDC were as always the most wonderful hostesses.

December 3, 2005-The weather did not dampen the spirits of season as our own General Lee represented the 5th Kentucky as well as the interests of the Caudill Camp at the Rose Hill, Virginia Parade. The 37th Virginia, 26th Tennessee fired their weapons to the delight of the crowd.

December 3, 2005-The Christmas dinner was a complete success with the most delicious dinner cooked by our own ladies. The highlight of the evening came when 3 members (Darrell Crawford, Richard Crowe, Glenn Brown) were inducted by East Kentucky Commander Don Poynter. We were also delighted to have Gary Begley join the camp. The action yielded over $250 towards our scholarship fund for next year and the door prizes were well received. The 60+ people in attendance left with the satisfaction of a job well done and that the cause would be continued.


11/29/05-It is with great pride that I submit the following communiqué: One of the monuments on phase II of our Pound Gap Monument has been set. It contains the names of those that died during the war from the 13th and also those names purchased by the descendents of their ancestors. See here

November 28, 2005-Adjutant Brown and Commander Chaltas assisted the boys from Appalachia Monument to set the base for the marker containing the names of those that died in battle as well as those paying tribute to their ancestors by purchasing a ‘stone’ engraving. The wind was too sharp to set the stones but they will be set by Friday. The monument project is still going strong and we hope to have added another one with the names of our ancestors listed (paid by their decedents) by Christmas. Also congratulations to Richard and David for putting up the new flags. Commander Chaltas donated a Bonnie Blue and placed it on Friday.

November 23, 2005-Camp members Roger Hall, Johnny P. Back, Gary Begley and Robert E. Lee (Commander Chaltas) joined forces with members of the Kentucky Cavalry Brigade as well as several ladies dressed in their finest attire, and walked the mile+ route in the annual Hazard Christmas Parade. The horses, camp cannon and those representing the voices of our ancestors were well received. A special citation to the men and women of the Kentucky Cavalry Brigade is in order. A rebel yell for Colonel Robinson and the gang!

November 22, 2005: Faron Sparkman and Steve Bowling, joined by Bill James, today placed an in memoriam stone to honor the life and service of James “River Jim” Allen. Allen served in Company B of the 5th Kentucky Infantry, Co. I of Caudill’s 13th Kentucky Cavalry, and finally Co. D of Diamond’s 10th Kentucky Cavalry. He was killed in a skirmish with men from the Three Fork Battalion in Wolfe County on November 6, 1864. His memorial stone was placed next to his wife Nancy Louise Roberts in the White-Allen Cemetery on Bear Pen Road in Wolfe County.

It is with pride that the Commander of the Ben Caudill Camp announces the receipt of two checks from Whitaker Bank and Community Trust for the amount of $800 each. They go directly to Appalachian Monument Company applied to phase II of the monument. The monument should be on site prior to December 1, 2005. On behalf of our people and the memory of our ancestors, we most heartedly salute your contributions.

November 19, 2005: Joe Skeens and Mickey Goble joined Faron Sparkman today in marking the grave of Pvt. Stephen A. Sexton at the Sexton Cemetery at Hueysville in Floyd County. While residing on Burgeys Creek Sexton served honorably in the 5th Kentucky Infantry under Ben Caudill before enlisting in Company A of the 13th Kentucky Cavalry and serving until the end of the war. In 1869 he moved to Hueysville in Floyd County where he lived until his death in 1892.

November 18, 2005-At a dinner honoring Ms. Pauline Cantrell on her 96th birthday, the Ben Caudill Camp honored her with a plaque recognizing her unselfish contributions to the cause of preserving the good name of her ancestors. Ms. Cantrell vividly recalls tales told by her grandfather who was a Confederate soldier.

November 18, 2005-East Kentucky Lt. Commander Danny Taylor (as Colonel Walter Taylor) and Commander David Chaltas (General Lee) offered presentations at LMU to approximately 500 students. Stan Dalton (as General Forrest) Dennis Boggs (as Abe Lincoln) and a new friend representing Fredrick Douglas. The day was to honor the Gettysburg Address and to remember the sacrifices of both sides during the War Between the States. Abe did a grand job at presenting both sides. The presentations were given in the Lincoln Memorial University (LMU) museum and inside the museum itself. They were treated with a visit to the vault where original documents/letters were displayed. LMU was a gracious host and has invited us back once again to their campus, this time with an expanded role. Together we can continue the cause, one presentation-one person at a time.

November 17, 2005-Monthly meeting held at the new University of Kentucky Extension Office. The meeting was conducted by Lt. Commander Back. The newsletter is posted under that title.

November 12, 2005-Richard Brown, Tim Blair, Okie Blair, Dave Chaltas, Darrell Crawford and his lovely wife Ms. Amy attended the dedication of the latest Confederate Flag being raised in eastern Kentucky. As you turn off of Highway 23 onto Route 1430 heading into Prestonsburg, you will be greeted by a 8×12 Confederate Flag on your right at the park. The event was hosted by the Amos Reed Camp and several other camps came to support the event including the 5th Kentucky Companies D, E and F. Don Poynter led the dedication via invocation and General Lee was the Master of Ceremonies. Sgt. Ronnie Bowling commanded the honor guard and Ms. Michelle offered a grand rendition of ‘Dixie’ in closing. Our hats are tipped to the Mayor and Prestonsburg City Council for their vision in the preservation of our heritage.

November 10, 2005: Faron Sparkman and Barry Johnson successfully marked the grave today of Lt. Harvey Caudill, 13th KY. Cav. on the side of a mountain at the Joe Trivette Cemetery, near Myra, Ky. in Pike County. Meeting at 2:00 pm they drove to the cemetery on a nice sunny day with the perfect temperature. It was a nice way to complete the Harvey Caudill project, finally seeing him marked one hundred and six years after his passing. What was a previously completely unmarked grave now has a nice granite headstone. Much of the credit in seeing this accomplishment goes to Barry Johnson who has put in many hours in researching Harvey Caudill and his family with assistance from Faron Sparkman and Larry Combs.

November 10, 2005-Participates of the Letcher County Circuit Drug Court were pleasantly surprised to have General Robert E. Lee as their guest speaker for the graduation of one of the clients. The old general talked of character, principles and morals as well as sharing personal experiences.

November 7-9, 2005-Sgt. Wayne Watts and his JROTC classes stepped up to bat and assisted in moving the Veteran’s Memorial from the old post office to the new facility. Sgt. Watts supervised his JROTC classes and successfully moved the items to the Memorial that is located beside the red caboose in downtown Whitesburg, Kentucky. Ben Buster Taylor is over the impressive project. Future plans are to have a tank and/or a helicopter on the 12×24 cement foundation. Well done ladies and gentlemen.

November 8, 2005-Richard Smith and Willis “Cub” worked on the cannon accessories on Richard’s forge. Plans are to continue working via the east Kentucky Blacksmith Association. A working is planned for next week.

November 5, 2005-The following compatriots attended the annual business meeting and election of the 5th Kentucky at McNeil’s Crossing. Richard G. Brown, Tabby Back, John P. Back, Matthew Chandler, Steve Richardson, and Commander Chaltas. A rough schedule was developed with maximum effort events listed. Camp officers were elected and the executive committee met to approve establishing a new company out of the Morehead, Kentucky area. Fifth Kentucky, Company E has been established and expectations are that it will continue to go with the interest shown by the members. After the meeting evening services were conducted with communion offered by Parson James and a dinner provided. Approximately 60 people attended the meeting.

November 4, 2005-General Lee assisted the 37th Virginia, Company D with a living history at Russell Prater Elementary near Grundy, Virginia. The hundred or so children, ranging in age from 4 to 11, were captivated by the presentations. The flags, causes of the war, drill, ladies apparel, and history of the conflict were offered. A wonderful experience for all.


October 30, 2005-Quenton Childers donated a large white oak tree that will be used in making the frame of the cannon. Willie Cornett has volunteered to haul the wood and work on the design to match the era.

October 29, 2005-Several camp members participation in the Ghost Roast held at Fish Pond Lake in Letcher County, Kentucky. Kenny Cantrell has worked with others to make it a growing success. Currently there were around 100 that attended the event. Plans are to expand it into a Ghost Walk around the lake in the 2006 season with several War Between the States stories and stations.

October 23, 2005-Richard Brown and Glenn Brown mowed the grass at the monument and cleaned the area of trash. Thanks men! The county has been con

October 22-23, 2005-General Forrest (Stan Dalton) and General Lee (our own commander) was presented with the United Daughters of the Confederacy ‘Jefferson Davis’ Gold Medal for distinguished service in preserving the heritage of the South. The ceremony was located at the Confederate Memorial Hall (Bleak House in Knoxville, Tennessee on 3148 Kingston Pike) and was conducted by the Knoxville UDC. Both generals were surprised by the awards and stated that the award belonged to all those that have gone before and those still offering their time and dedication to the cause of heritage. The ceremony was very moving. Our deepest appreciation to all the ladies that carry on the traditions of their ancestors and a special thank you to Ms. Namuni and Ms. Shirley. Also thank you for all that you do Ms. Sheila Hudson!

October 18, 2005 Faron Sparkman and Richard Brown set a stone for Pvt. John H. Blair, 50th VA. Inf., in Letcher County.

October 14-16, 2005-The following report was submitted by Lt. Commander John P. Back and Commander Chaltas on the Battle of Wildcat: ‘May I be among the first to say that we had an excellent weekend. I feel that the Caudill Camp gave an excellent demonstration of dedication to the cause with its turn out. Among those present were Danny Wright, Dale Wright, Tabby Back, Brent Adams, Chris Back, Leathan Whitaker, Okie Blair, Tim Blair, Richard Brown, Richie Brown, Wendell Brown, Jesse Thorpe, John Back, Darrell Crawford, Commander Chaltas and camp members and blacksmiths Randall Haddix and Willis Strong. Along with these men were also many of there wives and family. Debbie Back, Cindy Wright, Sandy Wright and daughters Brooke and Katie, Rose Back and Amy Crawford. Ms. Brenda Neace, April Niece, Debbie Fugate, Ms.Josie and little ‘Ms. Mildred’ came out and supported the cause on Saturday. Truly we have never enjoyed a more dedicated and supportive group. So despite a dose of frost and bitterly cold weather on Saturday night, it was a truly wonderful experience enjoyed by one and all. The reenactment was picture perfect as was the weather. Our compliments to all. The dedication of the Wildcat memorial was led by our own camp commander Dave Chaltas (in the persona of General Lee) and a special tribute was given to our own Jesse Thorpe on Sunday during the pass and review of the soldiers. Also, he was able to participate in the reenactment on Sunday and was given a rousing rebel cheer choosing to be with us. He returns to Iraq on the 25th of October.

October 8th, 2005-Carlos Brock set a marker for his ancestor Pvt. Granville Brock of the 4th KY. Cav. in Gallatin County on October 8th.

October 7-9, 2005-The Battle of Perryville was a complete success as a Huge crowd witnessed another historical event from our heritage. Corporal Matthew Chandler, Pvt. Darrell Crawford and his lovely wife Ms. Amy, Quinton Childers and the General Lee made their way through the crowd of spectators and reenactors. Commander Chaltas also attended an SCV Kentucky Division Executive Council meeting. Topics included Paducah, raising money for the Vicksburg Monument, Kroger Cards, a new list server, Division Awards, location of our division meeting (Prestonsburg chosen) and election of division officers in January. The Adjutant, Heritage, Chaplain and ‘Lost Cause’ reports were submitted. Details will be in the October issue of our newsletter. Very productive weekend.

October 6, 2005-General Lee was honored to exercise his 1st amendment right as he walked the Flag Line in front of Dupont Corp. in Richmond, Virginia. For five years the brave men of the Chester Station Camp (led by the Dupont 7 which the general addresses as the Magnificent 7) have walked the flag line in rain, sleet and snow as well as through cheers and jeers. I was humbled to walk beside them and embarrassed that we have not done more to assist their endeavors. When one of us loses a piece of our rights, all of us lose.

October 3-5, 2005-General Lee was escort to Abraham Lincoln and was given an opportunity to speak at the presentations given to the Letcher County Public School students and facility. Dennis Boggs offered a realistic impartial interpretation of War Between the States and its effect upon America.


September 30-October 2, 2005-The Ben Caudill Camp was represented in several events this weekend. The Battle of Leatherwood saw Wayne Watts acting as Confederate Field Commander with Richard Brown, Richie Brown, Brant Adams, Tim Blair, Okie Blair, Tree Adams, Lethan Whitaker, Willie Whitaker and Barry Johnson. Dale Wright, Danny Wright and Jon P. Back attended the event with their families. The Battle of Zollicoffer saw the Southern Guard commanded by Colonel Parsons give a grand performance of strategies. The 61st hosted the event and it holds great promise. Thanks Pappy! The Corinth event was saddened by the severe illness of Lt. Colonel Brent Duke’s mother. Let us keep Ms. Susan in our prayers. The ole general came back in time to participate in the wedding of Scottie Nelson (of the singing Nelson fame) and Melissa Smith. It was a grand ceremony held at the Bleak House.

September 27, 2005-Richard Smith and Danny Taylor volunteered to pick up our newly acquired camp cannon. They drove past Glasgow, Kentucky and brought it back on Richard’s trailer. It has a 39′” barrel with 42″ wheels. It will be used at dedications, reenactments, and other functions honoring our ancestors as well as the generations of today. Well done men! Anyone wishing to be on the cannon crew and get certified to shoot it, please contact Richard Smith, Danny Taylor, Wayne Whitaker, Ken Cantrell or myself.

September 24, 2005-Once again the Caudill flag flew proudly beside other banners of the South as the Crown Hill Cemetery Dedication. Camp member Kenneth Ray Amburgey brought his Caudill flag that was made by his wife to the dedication. The 50th Virginia Infantry posted the colors and presented the military salute along with cannon fire. Indiana Division Commander Ronald Mertz was the master of ceremonies. The Indiana Division Chaplain Gale Norton offered the invocation followed by recognition of the Indiana Division Commander of the MOST, UDC Nathan Bedford Forrest Chapter Vice President Mrs.. Alan Ritchie and the Tom Telegraph Chapter of the Children of the Confederacy. Miss Sadie Jean Ritchie offered a stirring opening address followed by the keynote speaker: General Robert E. Lee. Awards were presented to honor those founding charter members. The dedication was to honor the 1616 men that died while imprisoned. Of the 1616 men, 26 of them were black soldiers of the South. General Lee asked a few intriguing questions that are still unanswered regarding one black servant by the name of Lee that is also buried in the sacred soil. Why was he a prisoner, why did he have the name of Lee and what possessed him to remain loyal to the cause, when all he had to do was take the oath? Indeed why did all 26 of them not denounce the cause and obtain their freedom? The question can be answered by the 1,590 other men buried in a common grave and are mingled with their 26 brothers. They fought for what they felt was a just cause and to repulse the invaders just like those of the Revolutionary era fought for their freedom.

September 21, 2005-Captain Roger Hall and Commander Chaltas offered a community service educational program to several groups of children at the Treasures of Hills and Hollows sponsored by Southeast Community College. They demonstrated weapon fire as well as discussed the local battles and the War Between the States. At 3:30 General Lee presented to a group of students at the Jenkins Middle School for the Resource Center. Another community service project has been provided by our camp.

September 20, 2005-A donation to the Katrina Hope Drive was offered by the Caudill Camp as Commander Chaltas worked with 3 of his juveniles in loading the truck. The truck will be leaving for Stone County, Mississippi in the morning. Thank you men of the Caudill Camp for remembering our sister states.

September 16-18, 2005-Several men of the Ben Caudill Camp attended the reenactment of Barbourville. Once again the excitement and family bond were strengthened as several different events occurred. A dedication honoring the 19th Tennessee and Lt. Robert Powell (the 1st officer to die on Ky. soil was killed at Barbourville) along with the other men and women that served under different companies was touching. General Lee explained the significance of the Caudill Flag and once again it flew during the battle. A cannon demonstration lite up the sky and the military exercises were enjoyed by all. General Lee, Chaplain John P. Back presented for an hour to several people from 12 to 1. Joining him was the infamous Colonel Lafollette Combs, discussing the other peoples side of the conflict. The battle was grand with over 350 participants on the field. Saturday nite offered the musical talents of Dixie Grey. But the Baptism on Sunday was truly a once in a life time event. Our own General Lee followed the preaching of Parson James Smith and spoke to the crowd. He then stated his intention to be baptized once again as a reaffirmation of faith and took off his general frock coat and cast it into the water. After his baptism, spirits were stirred and 25 others waded into the water. The Holy Spirit was present and the whole crowd was electrified by the reawakening. (pictures here) The battle followed and was one that defied imagination as both sides felt the power of the event and acted in the most professional manner. The salute to the audience, the boys and girls fighting in Iraq/Afghanistan and our family devastated by Katrina weighed heavily on the heart and both blue and gray saluted each other and honor God for His mercy. The following camp members and family were privy to the events of the weekend: Matthew Chandler, Tabby Back, Chairs Back, Rosetta Back, Dale and Cindy Wright, Danny and Sandy Wright (Katie and Brook served on the battlefield as ice angels). John P. Back, Debbie Back, Richard G. Brown, Tim Blair, Okie Blair and Commander Chaltas. (pictures here)

September 16, 2005-General Lee assisted General John Hunt Morgan, President Davis and Lincoln along with a few other reenactors on a living history day in Paris, Kentucky at the Legion Park. Over 500 students came out to witness the educational program. A Cannon demonstration, cavalry exhibition, debate by the presidents and discussions regarding the war were part of this experience.

September 15, 2005-General Lee addressed a crowded auditorium of high school and college students on campus of Hazard Community College with Henry Clay and Susan B. Anthony in a panel discussion format. Henry Clay addressed the crowd with a moving rendition of his character. The monthly Ben Caudill Camp meeting was held tonite at 7:00.

September 15, 2005 We are honored to announce that Mrs. Lulu Bates Honeycutt is an honorary member of the Ben Caudill Camp. She is the real daughter of Captain Roger Bates. She resides in Knott County, Kentucky The Kentucky Division United Daughters of the Confederacy will be interviewing her soon and a picture will be posted in the immediate future.

September 14, 2005- Faron Sparkman reports on Stone updates: Confederate stones set – 764 13th stones set – 531 13th burial sites found – 733. County/State numbers update: KNOTT COUNTY – 94 MENIFEE COUNTY – 16 MORGAN COUNTY – 82

September 10, 2005-The Old General represented the camp at the wedding and reception of Sgt. Major Ryan Warner to his lovely bride. The wedding was held at Ryan’s parents home. Ryan is in the marines and soon will be deployed. Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Warner!

September 8-9, 2005-The Ginger Bread Festival in Hindman, Kentucky honored the Blue and the Gray along with the Caudill Family this weekend. The East Kentucky Blacksmith Association and the Camp were represented by Randall Haddix, William Strong (who was the only person to brave the elements and camp overnight) David Chaltas, John P. Back and Danny Taylor. Demonstrations and presentations were offered to a small but receptive crowd. Both organizations have been invited back next year.

September 6-7, 2005-The Caudill Camp has been offered an unbelievable honor of being asked to assist with the Veterans Memorial Museum spearheaded by Ben Buster Taylor. The museum will be housed in a new 28×70 facility beside the old railroad caboose in downtown Whitesburg, Kentucky. Besides thousands of items there will be a tank outside of the building with a beautiful monument honoring all veterans of wars. We have also been invited to have a War Between the States Display at the museum. The Caudill Camp via the executive committee has committed to donate a 30′ flagpole to honor those that were willing to give their all for our freedom. The dedication is tentatively set for November 11, 2005. Let us be resolved to do whatever it takes to assist in this worthy project. Commander Chaltas, Adjutant Richard Glenn Brown and Lt. Commander John P. Back are the camp contact persons for the project. More information is posted in the Sept. 15 newsletter.


August 27, 2005-General Lee offered presentations to a large crowd on the topic of the Battle of Richmond and the role of General Patrick Cleburne in winning the Confederacy’s greatest victory.

August 23, 2005-A group of men once again ascended the Gap to replace the rope on the flagpoles with coated cables. Each flag was carefully taken down and new cables were installed. David Lucas scurried up the ladder with the skills of a gray squirrel and ran the cable through the pulley of the 25′ pole. Bob Balthis was just as limber as he replaced a line on a 20′ pole. Three new flags replaced the older looking ones. The grass was cut around the monument and the portion leading to the Known But to God marker. Those working on the project were Glenn Brown, Richard Brown, David Brown, Kenny Cantrell, David Lucas, Bob Balthis, Ross Fleming and the Old General.

August 20, 2005 – Compatriots Mark Carroll (Chaplain) and Danny Akers, joined with Eastern Brigade Commander Don Poynter, and Adjutant Les Williams (Commanding), and Harold McKinney of the Cox Camp for a memorial of Pvt John Martin Franklin, Co C, 5th KY INf (Mounted) in Morgan County. There were about 40 family members in attendance including a UDC member from Virginia. The party adjourned for a wonderful meal and bluegrass music after the ceremony.

August 19-21, 2005-Corporal Dale Wright and Corporal Danny Wright accompanied by the wives Cindy and Sandy represented the camp at the Battle of Saltville. The Southern Guard fielded over 70 muskets on Saturday and 60 on Sunday. Well done men. Our ancestors smiled down upon you lads.

August 16, 2005-Commander Chaltas gave a stirring presentation in the persona of General Lee to the members of the Unthank Camp in Harlan, Kentucky. After his performance he was given a 8×10 picture of a Lee stamp and several pictures taken at the monument presentation. The visit confirmed the bonds between the two camps and pledges of assisting each other were offered.

August 14, 2005-A dedication of grand proportions was held at the latest historical marker in the state of Kentucky. Several hundred people came out to be a part of the once in a life time dedicating of the ‘Brothers Once More’ 8′ high by 10′ long monument. Three mortars fired from the cliffs above signaling the opening of the dedication. The Jenkins High School band played the national anthem followed by My Old Kentucky Home as performed by Susan Houston, Lan Shubert, and Lana Paige Johnson.” The welcome was given by Lt. Commander Back and Commander Chaltas introduced the dignitaries, inclusive of the County Judge Smith, Senator Johnny Ray Turner, Jenkins City Council, UDC Division President of the UDC, Division Commander Dr. Hitter of the SCV along with the Lt. Commander Rector, union and confederate re enactors, and others present to honor their heritage and ancestors. Several states were represented including Tennessee, North Carolina, Kentucky, Virginia, Georgia, Ohio, Indiana, and South Carolina. The military salute was grand as Colonel Parsons of the 37th led a 3 volley salute with cannon fire (led by Colonel Adkins of Louisa) with taps played by a Virginian. Parson James Smith closed in the benediction. To date Commander Chaltas has received over 100 messages complimenting all that participated in the grand unveiling of the monument.

August 13, 2005-A reenactment was held at Jenkins celebrating the Battles of Pound Gap. A large crowd attended and watched the boys in blue and gray recreate the June 2, 1864 Morgan’s Raid back into Kentucky. The cannons resounded through the mountains as history came alive and the crowd stepped back in time. The event was a complete success. At 8:30 a Twilight Dedication to the marker entitled Known But to God was offered. It was very moving as the reenactors and crowd walked through a candle light path to reach the gravesite. After prayer the dedication reached its zenith with the planting of a time capsule with objects representing the significance of the War Between the States era. Several men and women broke down and cried as they told of their object and shared the names of loved ones as each shovel of dirt covered the capsule. The blue aura of the evening enhanced the senses as one generation paid tribute to another and our ancestors walked upon the land for a brief interlude with a sense of satisfaction in a job well done.

August 11, 2005-Jeff Sexton, Pete Quillin and Doug Stamper braved the heat to continue mowing around the hill of the monument. They also picked up trash in the area. Danny Taylor secured the porta potties from East Ky. Rentals. Commander Chaltas had 2 loads of wood hauled to the Gateway Industrial Site for the living history and reenactment campfires. Water containers from LKLP were secured by Ross Fleming. Commander Chaltas will have the containers from LCCHS for the ice.

August 10, 2005-Richard Brown, David Brown and Glenn Brown obtained the rails and completed the split rail fencing at the Gateway Battle site. They also bush hogged and cleared the area of rocks..

August 9, 2005-Danny Wright, Sandy Wright, Dale Wright, Cindy Wright, Tabby Back, John Back, Debbie Back, Wayne Watts, Ross Fleming, Dave Chaltas, Katie and Brook met on the mountain to practice the agenda and finalizing what needed to be completed for the battle and dedication. Richard Smith and Commander Chaltas went up to the site and placed the map in one of the 4 gazebo information squares. The Letcher County Work Release Program was mowing around the monument.

Aug 6, 2003 – Faron Sparkman reports: I helped set two more stones on Thursday in Floyd County in extremely steep terrain and a temperature of 97 with the assistance of Joe Skeens and Mickey Goble. We set two 13th Kentucky Cavalry soldiers, one near Wayland and one on Big Mud. We have now set 67 Confederate markers in Floyd County. Our new totals are: 761 – Eastern Kentucky Confederate stones set 730 – 13th Kentucky burial sites located 530 – 13th Kentucky stones set 67 – Floyd County

August 3, 2005-Adjutant Brown, Bob Balthis and Commander Chaltas unfurled the flags against the Virginia wind. The flags snapped briskly in the air saluting the endeavors of the camp. Click here to view the flags.

August 1, 2005-Camp Commander David Chaltas met the man bringing the gazebo to the monument. It was placed close to the inside railing. Click here to view the gazebo.


July 30, 2005-General Lee attended the Clark County Fair to support Lt. Commander Rucker’s living history. Also present was General John Hunt Morgan demonstrating his riding and shooting skills.

July 29, 2005-Our Commander represented the interests of the Ben Caudill Camp at the Rutledge Tomato Festival located at Rutledge, Kentucky. He was one of the featured generals (Forrest and Jackson were present along with approximately 80 troops) at the living history. General Forrest and his lovely wife fed the troops at their house. The town hosted over 10,000 people in a grand weekend of celebrating their heritage.

July 30, Faron Sparkman reports – Tim [Harp] and I set a stone for Wyatt Martin and after that we did a little “clean up” work on three other stones – two in Knott County and one in Letcher County…one had to be moved about sixty feet up the hill to be on the correct grave, another was buried too shallow and another was buried too deep – so we had a little cosmetic work to attend to, adjusting the stones so they are at their best.

July 29, 2005-The old general represented the camp at the ‘Back To School Festival’ held at the walking track park area. He was a greeter and also assisted in taking out the trash from the 55 gallon barrels! Over 3,000 people attended the event. When interviewed, Chaltas commented, “Community service is the lifeblood of our camp and we will continue serving the cause by serving our people.”

July 28, 2005-Disregarding the heavy rain and fog on the mountain, men from the Caudill Camp rallied at the monument. The split rail fence was placed to the side and front of the monument. The grass was cut on top of the point and weed eating was done around the cement platform. Rocks were tossed off the hill and debris was picked up around the area. Those participating were David Brown, Richard Brown, Glenn Brown, Richard Smith, David Chaltas, Danny Wright, Sandy Wright and daughters Katie and Brook. David And Glenn took the rail carrier back to Lowes. John P. Back came by but was working and had to return to the office. Tabby Back was at the site earlier and was interviewed by channel 57 regarding the monument and plans. A good day for the Caudill Camp and several people have stopped by with nothing but praise for the project. Well done men and women.

July 27, 2005-BREAKING NEWS!! The flagpoles are now upon the mountain guarding the Pound Gap Monument! The boys from Appalachian Monument along with Adjutant Richard Brown and Commander Dave Chaltas placed the 5 flagpoles in the ground this morning. They were assembled and then taken to their perspective location for placement. They also placed the second bench on site facing the front of the monument. The marker entitled, “Known But To God’ was erected approximately 200′ from the monument facing south. The split rail fence will be placed on the mountain this Thursday around 5:00. We encourage all to come out and assist.

July 24, 2005-David Brown took his truck and trailer to Lowes and purchased the split rail fence that will be placed in front of the monument for approximately 200′. His father Glenn Brown and brother Adjutant Richard Brown assisted. By taking their truck and picking up the material themselves, they saved the camp $60.00. Well done men! A working is being planned to accomplish the objective of placing the split rail fence once the flagpoles are set.

July 23, 2005-Adjutant Richard Brown, David Brown of the 5th Kentucky, their father Glenn Brown, Corporal Danny Wright and Corporal Dale Wright braved the 100 degree weather to finish digging the last foot through rock for the flagpoles. They poured over 15 bags of cement and secured the 36” piping that will anchor the flagpoles. They also removed the dirt and smoothed down a couple of the mounds surrounding the monument. More rocks were tossed off the site. The goal is to have the flagpoles set by the weekend. Excellent job band of brothers!

July 21 – Stone recovery and resetting project for Pvt Allen in Which successfully completed. Faron Sparkman, Stephen Bowling Tim Harp and Mark Carroll of the Ben Caudill Camp supported by cadets and cadre of the Cadet Leadership recovered one misplaced stone for subsequent resetting. Cadet Class Charlie 13 made two trips to this remote area and donated about 12 hours of time for the 11 cadets and two cadre. A salute and THANK YOU to Charlie 13 and the Staff of the CLEP Photos

July 20-24, 2005-The Ole General represented the interests of the camp at the national Reunion held in Nashville, Tennessee. Thirteen other Kentucky camps were present and cast their votes for what they believed as being in the best interest of the preservation of our heritage and organization. The opening ceremonies were glorious as the bagpiper played a rousing tune as he walked forward, followed by the color guard. General Robert E. Lee was introduced and walked down the isle as the Matthew Brady read quotes spoken by Lee. One by one Lt. General Patrick Cleburne, Lt. General Nathan Bedford Forrest and General Joe Shelby followed with quotes said by them being read by the Mr. Brady. The audience was visibly moved but nothing like the generals, with tears streaming down the eyes of this ole general. He felt unworthy of such a tribute. The presentation of the colors; each flag bearer marching down the isle and then one turning to the left and the other to the right until they were all in place, was spectacular. The opening ceremonies set the stage for a harmonious reunion focused on our heritage instead of division.

July 18, 2005-Camp Commander Chaltas presented a status report to the Jenkins City Council. They were very complimentary towards the camp’s endeavors. Click here to view report. Document

July 17, 2005 = Faron Sparkman updates stones listings: Eastern Kentucky Confederate Stones Set 753, 13th KY. Burial Sites Located 726 13th KY. Stones Set 525 Dedications 164 Stone Locations: Lee County 8 Martin County 1 Menifee County 17 Morgan County 80 Perry County 88 Pike County 9 Rockcastle County 1 Wolfe County 17 Arkansas 5 Texas

July 17, 2005-Adjutant Richard Brown and his father Glenn Brown finished mowing the grass at the monument site with a lawnmower. Most of the rocks were also tossed off the hill and a push mower has easy access to the hill.

July 16, 2005-Commander Chaltas began mowing around the monument grounds and finished painting the rails a ‘cannon gray’.

July 16, 2005-A dedication memorial service was held for PVT John C. Campbell at the Olinger Cemetery in Zoe, Kentucky. Descendents from New York, Tennessee, Kentucky, Oklahoma and Idaho were in attendance. The honor guard consisted of Okie Blair, Tim Blair, Richard Smith, Mark Carroll, Stephen Bowling, Faron Sparkman, Raymond Isaac and David Chaltas. Camp member Larry Combs was in from New York with his family to honor his ancestors buried in the sacred soil of the cemetery. Click here to view the agenda. Agenda

July 14, 2005-Commander Chaltas offered a presentation via the Kentucky Speaker’s Bureau at the Hindman Artisan Center located in downtown Hindman, Kentucky. His topic was ‘Kentucky’s Role During the War Between the States’. Randall Haddix accompanied the old general.

July 12, 2005-Commander Chaltas was well received by the 28th Virginia Infantry SCV Camp #491 when he gave a presentation in the persona of General Robert E. Lee. The 28th is a newly chartered camp commanded by Mark Craig and are located in Roanoke, Virginia. They were most gracious and treated the general with great kindness. We have been invited to link with their camp.The commander’s email address is 28th

July 5, 2005 – Faron Sparkman reports Carlos Brock, Tim Harp and he set another 13th stone in Perry County. Our new numbers are: 741 total set 516 13th soldiers set 87 Perry County

July 3, 2005 – Faron Sparkman reports that Carlos Brock and he set a stone for Pvt. John Johnson, Co. E, 13th KY. Cav., in Knott County.

July 3, 2005 – Faron Sparkman reports: Total number of stones set – 739, Total number of 13th stones set – 514, 13th burial sites – 719, Clay County – 1

July 2, 2005-Several members of the 5th Kentucky re-enactment group/Ben Caudill Camp participated in the re-enactment of the Battle of Holly Creek at Clintwood, Virginia. The participants were Tim Blair, Okie Blair, Roger Hall, Richard Brown, Wendell Brown, David Brown, Chris Back, Tabby Back and family, Danny Wright and family, and Matt Chandler and family. We were warmly welcomed by our host and supplied with a pound of powder, caps and a meal ticket, all at no cost. However, most of the members made a donation to the re-enactment. There was approximately 22 Yankee soldiers, one Yankee cannon and crew, and 35 Rebel soldiers, a very good turn out. The battle was staged on the Clintwood High school Baseball Field. All involved enjoyed themselves, with most shooting out of ammunition. There were numerous burnt fingers from those hot barrels! Several people said they would attempt to attend the dedication of the Civil War Monument on August 14.

July 1-3, 2005-The Colonel Ben E. Caudill Camp was represented by our own General Lee at Loretta Lynn’s 3500 Ranch out of Nashville, Tennessee. The event was called the 3 Rivers Campaign and was hosted by the Alabama Division in conjunction with the Army of Tennessee. General Ken Sumner, General Tom Doss, General Kenny Doss and Colonel Joe Way electrified the crowd with a precise execution of the battle. A special thanks to Major Barry Bowden for his behind the scene work. As always the old general paid homage to his boys via the military salute as the grand review. They were spectacular. The reenactment was a complete success with the crowd being appreciative to the reenactors for their time and excellent performance. The general stated that it was an honor to serve with such wonderful reenactors and officers. On his return home Commander Chaltas stopped at Stone River Battlefield and was asked to give an impromptu speech to the crowd regarding the War Between the States.

July 1, 2005-The Appalachian Monument Company placed one of the 4′ benches at the historical monument. Its Georgia gray granite texture compliments the monument and offers a respite for the weary traveler as he/she reads the inscriptions on the stone. It has posted on its side the following words: “Letcher Co. Fiscal Court” and “Jenkins City Council” on the other. The other bench is on order and it will have “Ben Caudill Camp #1629” and “Appalachian Monument Company” engraved on the other side.


June 30, 2005, Thursday – Faron Sparkman, Tim Harp and Carlos Brock were honored to set our camp’s first Confederate marker in Clay County. Several years of research culminated in marking the grave of Captain James Herd, Co. K, 13th KY. Cavalry at the Herd Cemetery west of Manchester.

June 26, 2005-A dedication was held at the Branson Cemetery located at Pratt Fork (Letcher, Kentucky) to honor the following men that served the Confederacy: Zachariah Branson, Leonard Branson, Richard Branson, and Ezekiel Brashears. Corporal Danny Wright was in charge of the honor guard. Tim Blair, Okie Blair, John P. Back, and the Ole General made up the men offering the military salute. Sandy Wright and Debbie Back represented the ladies of the camp. The men’s biography is attached. Click here.

June 25, 2005-Richard Brown, Glen Brown, Quentin Childers and Kenny Cantrell braved the heat of the day to put up the rail fence next to the bank at the monument. The men placed 80′ of railing along the edge of the bank and removed brush that obstructed the view of the mountain on the Kentucky side. The location is unique in that when you look eastward you are looking at the beautiful mountain vistas of Virginia and when you face a westerly direction you gaze into the valleys of Kentucky. The location of the monument is between two state lines (on the Kentucky side) and the world renowned Pound Gap fault can be seen in the background.

June 25, 2005-A dedication was held at Point Pleasant, West Virginia to honor Corporal William A. Brown of the 15th Virginia Infantry, Company A. A military marker was taken and erected by the men of the Caudill Camp followed by a military dedication. The setting of the stone represented the 732nd set and the 158th dedication. Kevin Wright and his wife, Danny Taylor, Okie Blair, Tim Blair, and Raymond Isaacs made the historic journey to set the stone and hold the dedication.

June 24, 2005 – Commander Chaltas reports “Ladies and Gentlemen attached are the latest development regarding our monument….We are installing another 80′ section of fence by the bank and pray to have a 3 layer fence in front of the monument by Aug. 14. Five flagpoles will form a semicircle around the monument facing highway 23. If ANYONE knows where we can purchase a cement cannon to go on the corner of the point please forward the information ASAP. Thank you for your support and do plan to come to our dedication on Aug. 14 at 2:00. Details are on the website.

June 23, 2005-Monument update! Richard Brown, David Brown and Dave Chaltas braved the heat to mow the point with a lawnmower, dig post holes and fill in holes left from previous work. Richard and David have completed the holes and the 80′ section of the rail fence will be in place by next week. The flagpoles have been ordered and should be on site by the deadline

June 21, 2005 – Faron Sparkman reports: I’ve been busy out in the woods during these hot days of June and I have some new numbers for the website: Total set – 737, 13th KY – 512; 13th burial sites – 718; Floyd County – 62; Knott County – 90; Letcher County – 117 *note that Martin County is a new county – our first stone in that county. I want to thank Tim Harp, Richard Brown, Joe Skeens and Mickey Goble for helping me set these, some that were extremely difficult.

June 17-19, 2005-The Caudill Camp was represented by Mark Carroll and David Chaltas at the State Reunion and Battle of Georgetown held at the beautiful Cardome Center in Georgetown, Kentucky. The reunion agenda was full with Lt. Commander speaking regarding the National Reunion that will be held in Nashville in July. Many issues was discussed. Brigade elections were held and the highlight was a wondrous speech by Walter Kennedy noted author from Louisiana. The reenactment was grand on both days and the presidential debate was held in the beautiful ball room on the 3rd floor. The masquerade ball was a tremendous success and the church services went well. Pvt. Carroll and the brave boys of the 5th executed the commands with persuasion as Les Williamson and Ron Bowling took charge of the company. Our own General Robert E. Lee and General John Hunt Morgan presented certificates of appreciation and recognized new cadets in a ceremony honoring the new men on the field. Another successful saga for the camp.

June 16, 2005-Commander Chaltas had the pleasure of representing the Ben Caudill Camp at the Kentucky Frontier Summer Youth Camp. The topic was the War Between the States in Kentucky. Danny Taylor, Jimmy Dan Taylor, Tabby Back and the Old General were on hand as the monument was placed on the mountain. As of 3:18 the historical marker is guarding the Gap. The flagpoles will be ordered along with a 36×36 stone to list the names of ancestors that people wish to purchase. There is no time limit on purchasing a name to be engraved on the monument. This is a perpetual project and includes any soldier that fought in the war between the states. For details call Secretary Danny Taylor, Lt. Commander John Back, Adjutant Brown, Commander Chaltas or any camp member. Also it is posted on our website.

June 14, 2005-Acting in the interest of the Ben Caudill Camp, Commander Chaltas met with the Cumberland Mountain Arts and Crafts Council (on site of the future amphitheater located on Hidden Drive in Jenkins, Ky.) to discuss the possible use of the area for the skirmish on August 13, 2005. The committee was very receptive and offered usage of the site with the stipulations that porta potties would be on the grounds, a clean up of all debris would be held and that no trees or underbrush be damaged. Commander Chaltas will present this at the camp meeting and the Camp Events Committee will be requested to look over the location as well as Fish Pond Lake for possible camping.

June 13, 2005-BREAKING NEWS! The base of the monument was placed on the cement foundation this day! Thanks to Richard and David Brown’s unselfish work on Saturday the site was accessible by the Appalachian Monument truck with the wench to place the 12′ base in alignment with the platform. The etching of the flags begin tomorrow and the monument should be in place by the projected date of June 17, 2005! Ross Fleming and Commander Chaltas attended the Letcher County Fiscal Court meeting and appraised them of the latest development. Commander Chaltas also presented the latest requests for flagpoles, lighting, benches and other needed items to complete the project.

June 12, 2005-General Lee attended the beautiful period wedding of Mars See Williamson and Russell Huffman on Sunday. It was held at the Cardome Center in Georgetown, Kentucky. The bride looked so lovely as she walked under the Honor Guard’s cross sabers to stand beside the handsome groom. As the couple exited the proceedings, the bride received the traditional ‘swat of the saber’ as the men exclaimed, “Welcome to the cavalry!’ The ceremony was very impressive and moving as two became one, forever entwined.

June 11, 2005-The Ben Caudill Camp and the 5th Kentucky was represented by our own General R. E. Lee at the DeLap Cemetery located in Jacksboro, Tennessee. The graves of 121 men from North Carolina were recently rediscovered by the efforts of an 88 year old lady, Mrs. Cornett and a group of others dedicated to researching their final resting place. The Longstreet/Zollicoffer took the lead and with the assistance of other camps placed 113 stones on the graves. One of the highlights of the dedication was when the men that had traveled from North Carolina placed soil from their homes on the graves of their relatives. Another was the honoring of those that had worked so hard on cleaning the gravesite (over 80 truck loads of debris) was offered by the UDC. My compliments and the deepest affection for those that have sacrificed their time to honor those that had sacrificed their all. Well done good and faithful servants. I remain your obedient servant, The Old General

June 9, 2005-The Pound Gap Monument is nearing completion! The wings have been cut and cleaned and only the front of the larger monument is to be sandblasted. The projected date of setting the base is Monday and the monument should be on site by Friday! Click here for the latest pictures.

June 7, 2005-General Robert E. Lee (Commander Chaltas) had the honor of being selected to speak to the clients and families of the Letcher County Juvenile Drug Court for a graduation ceremony. General Lee emphasized the importance of family, faith in God and having real heroes. He also mentioned the importance of finding a good hobby to serve as another option to substance abuse. His presentation was well received, drawing praise from the judge and drug court team. Another successful public relations event can be recorded for the Sons.

June 7, 2005-BREAKING NEWS! The 2 wings of the monument have been etched (both front and back) and are ready to be placed on the mountain as soon as the larger stone is finished. For a preview of the wings click here.

June 3-5, 2005-After being absent for over 141 years, Colonel Ben Caudill’s Flag (blue banner with a white cross) reclaimed its rightful place as it was carried into battle in Jonesville, Virginia. Lt. Richard Brown led the boys of the 5th Kentucky, Company F as they came over the horizon and descended into the valley honoring their ancestors and reflecting upon their heritage. Roger Hall, Okie Blair, Tim Blair, Jeremy Jones, Josh Browning, Richie Brown, Danny Wright (and family), Dale Wright (and wife), Tabby Back (and wife), Chris Back, Mark Carroll, Richard Brown, John P. Back (and wife) and the Old General represented the interests of the camp and honored their ancestors with a brilliant performance in conjunction with the 5th Kentucky, Company D (sister camp) commanded by Captain Adkins on Sat and Sun by First Sgt. Williamson. Both were superior in the execution of their duties. In a separate post, First Sergeant Williamson wrote, “This past weekend we mustered more members at this event than any event we have attended in the past four years. The Jonesville event was great! We had a total of 31 members in period dress and had 20 camp. I was told by several of our respected friends we looked the best on the field and off. Full speed ahead folks!” See photos in album.


May 28, 2005-A School of the Soldier was held on the Whitesburg Soccer Field to review basic drills. Lt. Richard Brown, Corporal Dan Wright, Corporal Matthew Chandler, Chaplain Tabby Back, Private Chris Back, Private Martin Joe Caudill, Private Jeremy Jones, Private Roger Hall, Private Josh Browning and the Old General were present for the training. Lt. Brown along with our corporals did an outstanding job in the execution of the commands. My compliments to all that gave up some of their memorial weekend in anticipation of a great reenactment season. See you at Jonesville!

May 27, 2005-BREAKING NEWS!!!-Commander Chaltas met with the Appalachian Monument Company and reviewed the stencils that are ready to be etched in stone. The date of the etching begins on June 1, 2005 and the goal is to have the Memorial Monument set by June 7, 2005. On Tuesday, May 31, 2005 at 4:30 the committee will review the spelling and lettering of all items to be etched. After the final approval work will begin immediately.

May 20-22, 2005-The Caudill Camp had representation at the Battle of Sacramento as our own Commander Chaltas portrayed General Robert E. Lee. The event was spectacular in every aspect with the battle on Sunday being picture perfect in its execution. The general walked around the camps and spectators talking with them, offering impromptu presentations and sharing stories from different camps. He also was escort to the presidents. Rick Revel (founder of the Heritage Keepers) sang several of his hits and performed brilliantly in the capacity as the MC. He talked to the crowd as music played in the background regarding the events that were transpiring. Mean Mary and Frank were sensational as they sang and danced throughout the camps and performed at the ball. A period wedding was held and a wonderful memorial service was conducted on Sunday morning prior to church. The service was to honor Ms. Mollie Morehead and the climax of the dedication was when men from South Carolina offered a tribute to a fallen soldier with the reading of “We Drink from the Same Canteen.” and the ritual to honor one of our own. Thousands came to view the reenactment and the commanders must be commended for their perfect execution of the scenario. Well done Sacramento!

May 15, 2005-Commander Chaltas was the keynote speaker at the Ellen Renshaw House Chapter No. 2624 for their annual memorial service. Several UDC and SCV camps were represented. The event was held at Crescent Bend. Commander Chaltas in the persona of General Lee and was received by a standing ovation. The sensational musical group Dixie Gray performed selections from their latest CD. The Caudill Camp’s legend and legacy continues to grow.

May 13, 2005-I have to honor to announce that the Caudill Camp was represented by Adjutant Richard Brown, Corporal Matthew Chandler and Commander Chaltas at the Relay for Life 2005 held at the walking track in Whitesburg, Kentucky. The Mountain Comprehensive Health Care were gracious in inviting the camp and incorporated them into their theme, “Rebels with a cause.” The Ben Caudill boys talked to the walkers about their heritage and performed short living histories to interested parties. Several hundred participated in the 8th annual event. Hopefully next year the camp will have their own team participating and marching for the cause of defeating cancer.

May 12, 2005-Kentucky Division Chaplain Chaltas offered a presentation to our brother camp in Corbin, Kentucky. He spoke on “Why do we do the things we do for the cause?” along with updating the Arthur Camp about the progress of the Pound Gap Memorial Monument.

May 10, 2005-East Kentucky Southern Brigade Commander Danny Taylor and Commander Chaltas offered a presentation at the West Whitesburg Elementary School to 5th graders. The students were very receptive and responsive to the educational program.

May 6-8, 2005-Commander Chaltas represented the Caudill Camp in Columbia, South Carolina during the Living History Days, memorial service and reenactment. Friday saw approximately 1,000 students visit the many stations to learn of the past. On Friday night a concert was held at the 1st Baptist Church in Lexington, S. C., to honor our southern heritage. A delicious dinner was also served. Saturday was filled with events including a memorial service at Elmwood, a march to capital to hear several speeches as well as music by the Gavins and the reenactment. The Sunday service was grand and the large crowd was very appreciative of the efforts in recreating the Battle for Columbia. Our own general was invited back for next year which will be held on the first week of May. An excellent event.


April 24, 2005-May 1, 2005-Our own Richard Smith along with his wife Libby Smith represented the Caudill Camp at the SASS (Single Action Shooting Society) End of Trail World Championship held near Albuquerque, New Mexico. SASS rules require period clothing and single action handguns, a pistol caliber lever rifle and a double barrel or hammer pump shotgun, all made prior to 1899 or copies thereof. Richard was accompanied by 4 of his fellow shooters in his cross country drive that began on Sunday April 24 while Ms. Libby and two others flew out on Wednesday. Congratulations to the new SASS Ladies Frontier Cartridge 2005 World Champion: Libby Smith! (Her class requires a double barrel shotgun and that black powder or an approved substitute be loaded in rifle and pistol cartridges as well as in the shotgun shells. Participants may use both hands while discharging the handguns.) Our own Richard Smith won 7th place in his Frontier Cartridge Duelist Division. (Same class requirements as above, but entrants are restricted to the use of only one hand when discharging the handguns, thus the “Duelist” label.) There were over 800 participants at this SASS World Championship match, making it the largest Cowboy Action Shooting event ever held. We are very proud of both and once again we are reminded that we can compete with the best and come back proud of our endeavors.

April 23-24-Several members of the Caudill Camp joined forces with their brothers of the 5th and attended the reenactment of the Battle of Cumberland Gap. Corporal Dale Wright and his wife, Corporal Danny Wright with family, Corporal Chandler with his family, Dan Taylor and his wife, Willy Cornett, Randall Haddix and Branch Chub, and Dave Chaltas represented the camp. Randall, Willy and Chub set up the East Kentucky Blacksmith Association tent and demonstrated their skills. All were appreciative of their efforts. Corporal Matthew Chandler, Corporal Danny Wright and Camp Commander Chaltas (in the persona of General Lee) marched across the Gap with men from the , 50th Virginia, 43rd Tennessee, 37th Virginia, 63rd Tennessee, 19th Tennessee and 5th Kentucky in an attempt to keep the town of Cumberland Gap out of Federal hands. About 3/4 up the incline General Forrest met the men with Cavalry support and after requesting My Old Kentucky Home and Bonnie Blue Flag, they became the rear guard to delay the Federal ascending the mountain. The battle took place in the streets of Cumberland Gap with the Federal forces occupying the town for a brief period prior to being pushed out of the town towards Harrogate. The ball was grand with the Dixie Grays performing their renditions of the classics. On Sunday the men braved the snow and fought a very strong battle on the campus of Lincoln Memorial University but lost ground as the Federals under the command of Captain Queens swept the Confederates from the field. The reenactments were well received by all.

April 22, 2005-After a silence of 140 years, a mountain howitzer echoed through Pine Mountain as the Miracle Battery had the honor of the dedication and ribbon cutting ceremony of highway 119. Several members came dressed in their gray uniforms as well as the ladies in their finest gowns. Though soaked to the morrow, the ladies as well as several other camps from around the region stayed in place to pay homage to their beloved state. Approximately 40 men and women of different camps braved the weather to witness the historical event. A special thanks goes out to our brother Ron Bowling from the Arthur Camp, the 27th Virginia, Company D, and Ron Sanders of the McGuire Camp. We do understand that if the national convention being held in Concord, North Carolina had not been scheduled on that date, we would have been filling the crowd with a sea of gray. The plaque presentation by the camp as well as other events involving other people and organizations had to be postponed due to the scheduling constraints (condensed from 1 1/2 hours to only 1) and the weather. But just being invited to such a dedication was an honor in itself. We thank all involved in making it a success for the county of Letcher and Harlan County. Working together we can make a difference. We must remember that we always do all things for honor and heritage praying for guidance from our Creator.

April 22, 2005-Commander Chaltas represented the camp in full regalia at the Child Abuse Prevention Seminar in which he was a speaker. It was held at the Shriner’s Building and over 75 people were in attendance. Public service is paramount in our camp. Photo

April 21, 2005-The monthly Ben Caudill Camp meeting was held. Mike Grimes from the Arthur Camp graced us with a presentation of the history of southern songs and then preformed them to the delight of the members present. Our hats are off to his talents and his willingness to come all the way from Berea to share his music with us.

April 15-17, 2005-Commander Chaltas represented the Caudill Camp in high fashion at the Battle of Charleston. It was held on St. John’s Island on a 300+ acre farm. The 27th South Carolina boys and the Ladies treated the ole general with such kindness and respect. The Commander spoke to over a thousand children on Friday in the persona of General Robert E. Lee and the people were thrilled to talk to him. The Living History offered a wide array of educational displays inclusive of cannon demonstration, medical corp., period barber, laundress service, period cooking, games of the War Between the States, drills, chaplains, fashion show, blacksmithing, period photographer, spinning and other various activities. All three days offered educational presentations, social, battles and a grand ball. With such a warm reception and the heart that was put into the event, it should be considered a must for next year. It is a re enactors event! YOU will NOT be disappointed! AND you will be given a CONFEDERATE TOUR of the City of Charleston. Let “ON TO CHARLESTON, the SEED of SECESSION” be our battle cry for next year.

April 9, 2005-The following men from the Camp participated in the School of the Soldier training held at historical McNeils Crossing. The weather was perfect and many maneuvers were practiced. It was sponsored by the 5th Kentucky Company D, E, and F. Lt. Colonel Ryan assisted with the training. Our thanks to David Cornett for being such a great host! Corporal Matthew Chandler, Jeremy Jones, Corporal Danny Wright and family, Corporal Dale Wright and Family, Chris Back, Tabby Back and family, and Commander Chaltas. The training was well received. Hardee’s Tactics were demonstrated then practiced along with a skirmish that was educational as well as fun. The next engagement will be Cumberland on April 22-24, 2005.

April 8, 2005 — Faron Sparkman reports: I was assisted by Harold McKinney in setting stones in Morgan and Menifee County for Sgt. Jesse W. Cassity (10th KY. Cav.), Pvt. William H. Dyer (5th KY. Inf. Ratcliffe’s Company A), and Pvt. Jacob C. Peters (48th VA. Inf.): Total set – 722 Menifee County – 15 Morgan County – 77

April 2-3, 2005-Corporal Matthew Chandler and Commander Chaltas represented the Caudill Camp at the Living History weekend in Knoxville. The event was located on the grounds of the famous Bleak House (General Longstreet’s headquarters during the Siege/Battle of Knoxville). Several SCV camps from Virginia, Georgia, and Tennessee were represented along with the United Daughters of the Confederacy. The climax on Saturday was a skit performed by General Lee (Commander Chaltas) and a young reporter (Matt Chandler). A brief descriptor of the skit follows: The date was April 11, 1865. The time was 9:00 in the morning. The setting was a tent in the filed underneath the famous apple tree. The scenario was that General Lee had just met with General Grand on April 9 and terms of surrender had been reached. Lee was anxiously awaiting the formal surrender of his beloved Army of Northern Virginia and tension is high within the camp. A young reporter (15 year old) requests to speak to the general. At first he is denied but when the adjutant hears that he has word of Rooney, Lee’s son, he decides to risk interrupting the general. It was very well received and they were asked to return. Another moment was the dedication of Pvt. Dodd’s tombstone. This young man had been captured and tried as a spy for wearing a blue jacket. He was found innocent yet a vicious man of power wanted to see a confederate hang and reversed the verdict. He was hanged once but the rope slipped when he fell and he was once again strung up but this time completing the murder of a compatriot. The impromptu dedication was moving as General Lee read a poem befitting the occasion. Author Ron Jones was present for a book signing and tours of the ground were offered. General Nathan Bedford Forrest and his wife graciously provided shelter and rations for the camp representatives.


31 March 2005 – Faron Sparkman reports: Steve Bowling and I set a stone Confederate markers on March 22 and 29th in the head of Hunting Creek and on Lewis Fork in Breathitt County. Barry Johnson and I set a Confederate marker on March 31st on Long Fork in Pike County. 716 – Total Breathitt County – 115 Letcher County – 115 Pike County – 8 Also we have gone back over out dedication list and added a number of dedications that were conducted over the last three years. Our total number of Confederate dedications is: 150. Also our total number of 13th KY. burial sites located is now: 704.

March 30, 2005-A meeting to finalize the wording and pictures for the historical monument that will be placed on the Kentucky/Virginia border (route 23, Pound Gap) was held at the Appalachian Monument Company. Those in attendance were Rookie Frazier, Richard G. Brown, Jon Pearl Back, Danny Taylor, David Chaltas and Steve Richardson. The committee reviewed the letter size along with the picture to ensure maximum usage of the monument. The tentative dedication date for the marker has been set for Sunday, August 14, 2005. Efforts will be made to have a skirmish on Saturday at the amphitheater with camping on and around the old Fincastle (Trace/Sounding Gap) Trail. On Sunday, period church services are being planned and then a march up to the monument for the dedication followed by another skirmish. The meeting was adjourned.

March 26, 2005-I have the honor to announce that we have our first Associate Member of the Ben Caudill Camp. His name is Ray Amburgey. He is a member of a SCV camp in Indiana but has ancestors that rode with Caudill’s Army. One of his ancestors is Booker T. Amburgey. He will be forwarding a brief autobiography in the near future. We welcome our first Associate Member! Associate Members are those individuals (males) who are members of other camps but wish to be attached to ours in some manner, that can not prove there lineage but simply wish to be affiliated with our camp, or enjoy history and genealogy. Keep in mind that for less than 85 cents a month ($10.00 a year-business $50.00) you can be an Associate Member of one of the greatest groups in the nation.. What a deal! See our Membership page for detail of Associate Membership.

March 24, 2005-The Ben Caudill Executive Council met to discuss rewording/shortening of the information that will be placed on the Historical Monument at Pound Gap. Those in attendance were Adjutant Richard Brown, Lt. Commander John Pearl Back, Commander Chaltas with East Kentucky Brigade Lt. Commander Danny Taylor communicating via telephone. Matthew Chandler and Ross Fleming were camp representatives in attendance. Richard Smith’s revision suggestions were duly noted and accepted with the possible deletion of a few words. Plans to submit finished written descriptors to be placed on the monument to Appalachian by April 1, 2005 was discussed and accepted. Another item discussed was the possible skirmish to be held the day of the dedication of the monument at Pound Gap. The Jenkins Festival Committee has requested that we offer a reenactment. Exploration as to being able to have a 2 day event is being considered. Also discussed was the upcoming dedication of highway 119 by the Governor of Kentucky and Senator Hal Rogers. The Caudill Camp has been asked to form an honor guard and to secure cannons for the event. A letter was sent to the Division requesting men in gray.

March 19-20, 2005-Commander Chaltas attended the Siege of Bridgeport, Alabama reenactment in the persona of General Robert E. Lee. Bridgeport is the largest reenactment in the state of Alabama. one of the highlights of the 3 day event was when Rob of the Kentucky Cavalry Brigade (one of the organizers of the newly reactivated Ben Caudill Cavalry attached to the KCB) rode upon on the field on a mule by the name of Fluffy. The mule and Rob performed wonderfully stealing the show along with the hearts of the audience. Three cheers for Rob for representing our ancestors so well. Commander Chaltas met with General Doss and other officers to solidify the reenacting schedule. The 3 Rivers Campaign was added to the list. It is on Loretta Lynn’s ranch and will be held on July 1-3, 2005. She will be in concert on Saturday. It is hosted by the Alabama Division of Reenactors and Cleburne’s Division. Commander Chaltas has been nominated to be General Lee for the event. For more details please go to

March 18-19, 2005-Commander Chaltas represented the interests of the Caudill Camp by attending the meeting of the Army of Tennessee hosted by our brother camp the General John C. Breckinridge. The two day conference entailed discussion on the following line items: Vision Statement of the SCV, Proposed new SCV business model, fund raising, Division reports (Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, Tennessee, Wisconsin), Military Order of the Stars and Bars Report, Order of the Southern Cross report, how to organize a PAC, associate membership, recruiting and camp organization. Commander Beasley gave a stirring as well as inspirational commentary regarding the Army of Tennessee remaining true to the cause and remembering the true calling of the SCV. Our own Commander Chaltas was nominated as the Kentucky Division Chaplain and was asked to be the spiritual leader by saying the Invocation as well as Benediction.

March 11, 2005-Commander Chaltas was notified by Dr. T. Y. Hiter (Kentucky Division Commander) that he has been selected for the position of Kentucky Division Chaplain. It is a great honor for the Caudill Camp to have a voice at the division level.

March 10, 2005-Breaking NEWS!! Commander Chaltas was contacted by Attorneys Bolling & Tackett via mail stating that the encroachment permit has been signed for the Historical Marker. Commander Chaltas had been in communication with Gene Layne’s (Permit Engineer) office the previous week and written verification was sent on March 4, 2005. Notice was given that we have until July 1, 2005 to have the work completed on the project for final inspection. by the Kentucky State Department of Transportation.

March 3, 2005-Adjutant Richard Brown created a drawing of the concrete pad that the Pound Gap Historical Marker will be placed on. The sketch will be turned over to Jenkins City Council Lawyer Calvin Tackett to comply with a request from his office. The sketch details the plan view and how the marker the direction it would be sitting on the pad. It is to the scale of 1′ =10″

March 3, 2005-Lt. Commander Johnny Pearl Back met with Ms. Sara George of the Kentucky State Highway Department regarding the request that the Sons be the Honor Guard for the Pine Mountain Celebration on Friday, April 22, 2005, 11:00 A.M.. He also discussed the possibility of having a couple of cannons to fire a volley, a 21 gun salute by the honor guard, and ending with a rendition of My Old Kentucky Home. Governor Fletcher, Hal Rogers and other dignitaries are scheduled to be presenting in the event.

March 1, 2005-Former East Kentucky Brigade Lt. Commander Richard Smith represented the interests of the Camp in a presentation to the Whitesburg Rotary Club. Commander Chaltas introduced him after mentioning the progress of the Pound Gap Monument and tied in the War Between the States with cowboy shoot competition. The Rotarians were pleased and very complimentary to Richard’s presentation. He was invited back.


February 28, 2005 – Tucker Hibbitts reports. – I have made a discovery of a “lost” Kentuckian here in my town of Thomasville, North Carolina. [There is a] mass grave in the city cemetery that holds both Confederate and Union soldiers. I also came across the names of the men buried there and made the discovery of this Kentuckians final resting place. His name is William H. Anderson. … Anderson was taken POW on 6-20-1864 during the Battle of Kenesaw Mountain, GA.: Pvt. William H. Anderson Enlisted; 8-11-1861 4th Kentucky mounted Infantry Companies G and K POW: 6-20-1864 Kenesaw Mountain, GA Buried: Thomasville City Cemetery Thomasville, North Carolina … I drove to the cemetery this evening and saw the marker myself. You do not know the feeling I had when I found that lone Kentuckian resting so far from home. I have done several Confederate memorial services at this location since I moved here 7 years ago, and I do not know why it did not dawn on me of the lone lost Kentuckian… I know that it was a higher power that had me attend as the only Kentuckian at the recent Civil War Trail marker dedication that was held at both the train depot and the city cemetery in Thomasville last week. I just hope I made that old solider proud. Photo

February 26, 2005-David Chaltas presented at the Cox Camp Lee/Jackson Celebration to a receptive crowd at the Campton Methodist Church. Commander Chaltas presented in the persona of General Lee speaking on the Sterling Christian Character of Southern Soldier.

February 26,2005-Commander Sparkman reported via correspondence that another 13th man burial site was discovered this week. He was Private George Coburn, Co. F, 13th KY. Cav. located in Menifee County, Kentucky. To date we have set 713 stones

February 23, 2005-Adjutant Richard Brown, Commander Chaltas met with Rookie Frazier to look at the granite stones that came inf for the Pound Gap Monument. After the meeting, both men went to revisit the proposed site and measured to see if the truck would be able to get through the railings. A detailed descriptor of the monument is listed below…
Compatriots! We have just received the beautiful Georgia gray granite for the monument on top of Pound Gap. The concrete has been poured for the foundation and we are just awaiting the easement with the plan view to be approved by the Kentucky Department of Transportation. We are meeting to finalize what will be etched on the stone. It will have a picture of 2 soldiers (one blue, one gray) shaking hands and will be entitled, “Brothers once more” Above that picture will be 2 period flags crossed. A picture of Davis will be on one wing and a picture of Lincoln will be on the other. The regiments that fought upon the mountain will be listed. Also a poem that I have written will be placed on it. The back will have a Kentucky map with a brief descriptor of the events and each wing will have John H. Morgan and James Garfield listed. We will be placing a wall that will have the names of those that have purchased them engraved in granite. It will be upright to help preserve the etchings. We also plan to have flagpoles around it and have already placed rails around the Octagon shaped concrete foundation. The monument will stand 8′ 8″ tall at the apex, descending to 6′ and will be approximately 9+ ft in length. As soon as we get the etching completed I will take a picture and place it on all sites. We also envision benches around the side and a trail down to the Welcome Center that is in the planning. The site is grand. When you look to the east, you see the mountains of Virginia, when you look to the west, you see Kentucky. The stone will be symbolically set in a North South position. This is exciting and I shall keep you abreast as to our status. Let us thank a wondrous God for allowing us this opportunity in honoring our ancestors.
I Remain Your Obedient Servant,
The Old General

February 22, 2005-Rookie Frazier sent word that the stone for the monument has been delivered. It is 8′ tall and 12 long with 2 wings. Notified all involved.

February 22, 2005-Compatriot Larry Combs from New York has discovered our 700th Thirteenth Kentucky burial site! He is Private James R. Evans. He is buried in the James R. Evans Cemetery in Sturgeon, (Owsley) Kentucky.

February 22, 2005 – Tucker Hibbitts reports… Thomasville, North Carolina, Today I was extended an invitation by Commander Mike Deal of the Thomasville Rifles SCV in Thomasville, North Carolina to fall in with the reenactors for a dedication of two new Civil War Trail markers. One maker was erected at the original train depot and the other at the Thomasville City Cemetery. The marker at the train depot tells the history of the wounded, Confederate and Union, arriving by train in Thomasville from the Battle of Bentonville and being taken to makeshift hospitals in the town. The other marker was erected at the Thomasville City Cemetery. Here the marker tells the history of Confederate and Union soldiers being buried side by side in the same grave. This is the only known cemetery where both North and South are buried together. The local UDCs maintain the grave site and have placed stone markers for each of the soldiers and each May hold a combined memorial service for these men. The marker dedication was attended by several people including the mayor of Thomasville along with two local newspapers and a television crew. Photo

February 21, 2005-a contingency of rebels braved the rain and wind to converse on top of Pound Gap Mountain (on the Virginia/Kentucky border) with the mission of assaulting the debris left behind by the enemy. After two hours of arduous work the group had gathered 81 bags of trash and over 60 pounds of metal, including a truck bumper. Those that participated were Adjutant Richard Brown, David Brown, Okie Blair, Tim Blair, Richard Smith, Roger Hall, Wayne Whitaker, Raymond Isaac, Tabby Back, Rosetta Back, Jeremy Jones, and Commander David Chaltas. A hardy rebel yell goes out to these men and women that sacrificed their time to assist in cleaning the sacred mountain where our ancestors fought and died. Photo

February 18, 2005-Past Lt. Commander of the east Kentucky Brigade Richard M. Smith and Commander Chaltas of the Ben Caudill Camp represented the camp’s interest at the Cadet Leadership Education Program located near Jackson, Kentucky. Richard discussed the importance of self discipline in life as well as in hobbies. He discussed SASS (Single Action Shooters Society) and did a masterful job at tying it in with the War Between the States. He also discussed blacksmithing. Commander Chaltas presented reflections of General Robert E. Lee and discussed duty, honor and integrity. Local history was emphasized as well as the importance of the young cadets having pride in who their ancestors’ were. An invitation to return was offered by the Superintendent of the program. Pictures of the event are posted in the gallery.

February 17, 2005-Ben Caudill Camp meeting. February 2005 Newsletter posted.

February 15, 2005 – Faron Sparkman reports: Carlos Brock and I set two more Confederate markers this afternoon for 13th soldiers, one in Perry County and one in Knott County. Our new total number of stones set is 713. Also on the individual county totals, Perry County is now at 83 and Knott County is at 87. Also, we have have located 699 burial sites of 13th soldiers.

February 15, 2005-Adjutant Richard Brown submitted the Plan View for the Pound Mountain Monument honoring our ancestors that fought during the War Between the States. It was taken to the Jenkins City Council Lawyer for submission to the State Department of Transportation for approval.

February 14, 2005-Richard Smith gave a presentation to 2 groups of 5th graders at Letcher Elementary. He has been doing a series on the War Between the States with the class having presented on the 7th and 9th. The students were very impressed with his knowledge of the subject.

February 13, 2005 – Faron Sparkman reports that we have found another 13th man’s grave. That brings the total to 698

February 13, 2005-Commander Chaltas in the persona of General Robert E. Lee offered a soliloquy to the Longstreet/Zollicoffer Camp #87 and guests in the East Tennessee Historical Society Museum in downtown Knoxville. General Nathan Bedford Forrest (Stan Dalton) and Captain Forrest (Bill White) were the honor guards. Approximately fifty people were present. The highlight of the event was meeting a real son and presenting him with a book of Poetry by General Lee. A picture has been posted in the picture gallery. Commander Ron Jones discussed the setting of the 63 stones (30 more on order) that are in to honor the rediscovered gravesites of men from the 58th North Carolina. The tentative date for that event is March 5 but if the weather is bad, the date will be moved to March 19, 2005.

February 9, 2005-Commander Faron Sparkman and Adjutant Richard Brown set stone #711 yesterday. It was the 116th marker set in Letcher County. The Reedy stone was set in the Bowman Cemetery in Eolia Kentucky overlooking the beautiful vista of Black Mountain. Beside the gravesite another organization had set at least 4 Confederate stones (3 uprights and a flat stone). Thanks to whoever set the memorial stones in remembrance and in honor of our ancestors.

February 9, 2005-Commander Chaltas in the persona of General Robert E. Lee represented the camp’s interest on the PBS’s series entitled, “Riders of the Silver Screen” starring Marshall Andy. Marshal Andy is a well known western movie star and singer, riding with such men as Roy Rogers, Tex Ritter and was friends to several of the stars of the silver screen. The interview will first be aired on Saturday the 12th.

February 7, 2005-Ross Fleming and Commander Chaltas represented the interests of the camp at the Jenkins City Council meeting. Commander Chaltas presented an update on the memorial and the steps needing to be taken in order to get an easement and encroachment approved via the Kentucky Department of Transportation. The Council’s lawyer (Mr. Tackett) requested that we get a plain view sketch of the proposed site to turn in with the other necessary paperwork. Our thanks go out to Adjutant Brown and his brothers stating that they would assist in drawing up the document.

February 5, 2005-A meeting of the 5th Kentucky Company D, E and F was held at the Forum (Hal Rogers Center) in Hazard, Kentucky. The agenda was to work on the schedule, organize the Ladies Aide Society and to discuss new business. Barry Johnson, Danny & Sandy Wright and daughter, Chaplain Jon P. Back and Deb, Chaplain Tabby & Rose Back with Chris, Richard Brown, and Commander David Chaltas represented the interests of the Ben Caudill Camp. April Nease was elected as president of the LAS and Julie Vice President. Captain Adkins discussed the unbelievable growth of the 5th and 3 more members joined as of today. They are Wallace Cornett, Bill Lyons, and Mark Carroll. After the meeting, the party of 30 individuals went to Reno’ s for a family dinner. The schedule is posted under reenactments.

February 3, 2004-Adjutant Richard Brown and Commander David Chaltas offered a presentation to the Martin County Historical Society in Inez, Kentucky on behalf of the Ben Caudill Camp. The event was attended by approximately 60 individuals. The topic was, “Kentucky’s Role in the War Between the States” and it was well received. The Martin County Historical Society’s email address is ‘’.

January 22, 2005-Commander Chaltas and Private Steve Richardson attended the Lee/Jackson Dinner in Knoxville. It was held at the Foundry. Over 350 people were present to hear H. K. Edgerton speak. His most moving performance was when he talked in the persona of the Battleflag. Several noted reenactors were present along with a wonderful dinner. The old general and adjutant stayed with Parson James and his wonderful wife Ms. Sherry before attempting to return in the snow on Sunday morning.


January 22, 2005-Corporal Danny Wright, Corporal Dale Wright, Chaplain Tabby Back, Sandy Wright, Cindy Wright and Rosetta Back attended the Lee/Jackson Dinner held in Corbin. They represented our camp well and stated that it was grand.

January 20, 2005-The Ben Caudill Camp held its monthly meeting and was saddened to accept the resignation of Commander Sparkman. Commander Sparkman (one of the founding fathers of the SCV camp) has been an inspiration to not only our camp but has become a national icon in stone setting. Several state and national awards have been received based on his unselfish dedication and sacrifices to the preservation of our heritage. But we are committed to continue the mission that has been appointed unto us and to guard well The Charge that we cherish. He has presented the torch for others to carry and we shall attempt to carry the torch with the same fever that he possessed. A complete update of officers and news are posted on the Ben Caudill site.

January 13, 2005-East Kentucky Southern Brigade Lt. Commander Taylor accompanied Lt. Commander Chaltas to the Arthur Camp meeting held at the Quality Inn Restaurant. The brothers of the camp were thrilled to have representation from the Ben Caudill boys.

1 January 2005 – Opened Journal